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Episode Recap: Mary, F..., Kill

Josh gives Margo a muffin. Julia drinks Schnapps. 


Evil Eliot got his revenge on Bacchus, yet he’s not satisfied. Margo asks him to leave
Eliot’s body, but he’s not going anywhere.

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Josh is fighting some very scary and intense lupine urges. He needs to pass along the
virus with sex, rape or murder. Holy evil crapness. Margo helps him on his quest to find
out how he can avoid spreading the world’s worst ultimate STD. It turns out he has to have sex to pass along the werewolf sickness... so Margo takes one for the team. So now Jargo - we'll call them - is kind of a circumstantial thing.

Alice is hiding in the library alongside the creep-author Christopher Plover, writer of
Fillory and Further, and child-molesting creator of The Beast. He offers to help her find her book in exchange for Alice helping him with something.

Julia is looking for a way to solve some former-goddess problems. She decides to visit
Fillory with Penny to talk to some of Bacchus’ former minions and maenads. They
know about god-issues, right? And Penny is very devoted to Julia, as he is from a
timeline when they were in love. They find a maenad named Shoshana who examines
Julia for powers and then professes service to Julia the deity.

Alice sneaks into the revisions room at the Library and manages to nab everyone’s in-
progress book. She finds something alarming in Quentin’s – it predicts his death next

Quentin is tying up loose ends with his family after learning that his father died. He is
cleaning up model airplanes when Evil Eliot decides to observe and help. And after some cathartic smashing later, Evil Eliot actually does help.

But then Evil Eliot says that Eliot is no longer alive and Quentin doesn’t know what to believe. He must be in there somewhere...right?
He must be in there somewhere!