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Episode Recap: The Bad News Bear

Kady gets a puppy. Quentin meets a snake. 


Evil Eliot is going for his super revenge, hunting the gods who locked him up and also
those who tried to kill him. Which, unfortunately, is our group of heroes. Now that
Quentin has brought him to the gang, Evil Eliot (EE?) starts explaining his murder plan,
Bond-Villain-Style. Margo interrupts and offers him Bacchus, who she had found
masquerading as Ember back in Fillory. That appeases EE, for now.

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Fogg tells Julia that Irene McAllistair is after the group. Guess she’s still mad about
the freeing-the-fairy-slaves thing. Fogg feels justified in the deal he made with the Library
to “save” everyone, but Julia’s not buying it.

Alice is doing her time in Library jail. Fogg pops by to tell her that the Library’s “blank
spot” problem is over, and if they were to read the books of people and realize that their identities were revealed and that they were at risk, then the Library would feel
compelled to protect them. Fogg is planting seeds, but what's a prisoner of the library to do? Team up with Santa, find the books and escape, of course!

Margo helps EE formulate a plan to kill Bacchus and he wants Josh to do it. Or he’ll
kill Josh. They head to Fillory to poison Bacchus with ambrosia. Margo tries to get EE to let Eliot talk, but he won’t.

The team needs to pay Marina three “Deweys” in order for her to leave them alone and
NOT turn them in due to the bounty that the McAllistairs put on their heads. They plan to get the Deweys by building a counterfeit magic card with the help of Penny’s friend,
Frankie. And to do that, Quentin needs to gamble in the card game “Push.” Things are
happening. And, yes, Quentin does make it snow in the seedy gambling mecca before
he ultimately wins. Then they scam a black card for a quick copy, and Frankie says they are good to go. As long as someone holds the bad luck bear. Someone named Quentin. Penny and Kady are able to get the goods, while Quentin has one misfortune after the next. How, exactly, does one get a paper cut from a paper towel?

Back in Fillory, Josh decides he does not want to poison Bacchus. He bails, but then
after more threats from Margo he goes through with it. The poison knocks Bacchus out and then EE comes onto the scene. He knows that Bacchus took something from him, but he can’t remember what. And since he isn’t telling, EE kills Bacchus and removes
something that looks like a heart from his body.

Alice works with her new friend Santa to escape from the library. She found a fireplace
and that’s the way out, but they need to grab their books first. Unfortunately, Alice and
the gang’s books have been “removed from circulation.” Santa takes off without her
after Alice encourages him to, and as she searches the stacks she is grabbed from

Kady and Penny pay off Marina. And then Kady is up to something with the counterfeit
black card. Not sure what, but when the group meets her back at the apartment she
says that it’s hers now. She “took care of” the problem. Later that night, Quentin gets a voicemail he's afraid to listen to. He's worried it's bad news about his dad. They all sacrificed a lot to bring magic back, and it did come back, but not as they had hoped. Was it all worth it?