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11 Times Fen Broke Our Hearts on The Magicians

Here, in order of appearance, are some of our most treasured Fen moments. 

By Beth Johnson

Fen of Fillory is just the best: A lovable human who is always up to help the gang from Earth and excited to learn weird info about their home planet. Fen has long been a favorite--probably since Eliot realized he might really like her in the very first episode of Season 2. Here, in order of appearance, are some of our most treasured Fen moments:

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1. Season 2 Episode 1: Knight of Crowns


Fen offers to make snacks for Eliot, aka her new husband, and his friends while they huddle and talk about next steps in how to kill The Beast. 


2. Season 2 Episode 2: Hotel Spa Potions


Eliot is not super psyched about the monogamy clause that goes along with the High King marriage. He proposes a sort of live theatrical porn experience (Fillory doesn't have wifi). She is NOT on board and calls it debased. It's actually adorable. She reminds him he is King and he breaks up the show.


3. Season 2 Episode 4: The Flying Forest


Still sorting out this whole romantic High King's wife thing, Fen tries out an overt overture. Eliot smiles and brushes her aside when Margo shows up. Poor Fen! (Don't worry; It works out for her later.) 


4. Season 3 Episode 2: Heroes & Morons


Fen is reeling from the loss of her baby and insists on joining Eliot on his questing boat adventure. Good thing, too, since their out-of-nowhere teenage daughter is introduced to them by the Fairies and joins, as well. Hello, Fray. Fen heartbreakingly embraces Fray and tries very hard to be a family on this epic adventure. 


5. Season 3, Episode 10: The Art of the Deal


Fen is on Earth. Julia is talking to her about how the fairies are slaves on Earth and she wants to help then. Fen is kinda listening -- not really -- and mostly excited that she found an emoji of a dagger. The fairies tormented her on Fillory, remember? She sends Julia emojis of a crab and a knife. "It's how I feel." She ultimately, heroically helps the Fairies. Go, Fen! 


6. Season 3 Episode13: Will You Play with Me?


As most of the gang is running around trying to finish up the key quest, Fen is put in charge in Fillory as Acting High King. Rafe and Tick aren't super wowed by her in the beginning, as she's a bit wishy-washy, but she gains presence and does what's needed. Cutest High King ever!


7. Season 4 Episode 8: Home Improvement


Fen goes on a solo quest and flings a knife at the creepy person walking just behind her. Who is Margo. It turns out Margo is joining the quest. Their partnership on this journey is memorable and awesome. 


8. Season 4 Episode 12: The Secret Sea


The team is working to bring back all magic. Again. Still? Anyway, Fen takes a short hop to Earth and hits a Benihana. As Margo says: "She never could resist a sharp knife."


9. Season 5 Episode 3: The Mountain of Ghosts


Fen and Margo are both in the mix in fight-to-the-death placement as fighting Centurions in The Dark King's army. And Margo realizes that Fen also has the sexually transmitted lycanthrophy disease that Josh transmits. Oops. She tells Margo that it was definitely less than a dozen times.


10. Season 5 Episode 8: Garden Variety Homicide


The team is discussing how to defeat the Dark King. Eliot describes his tattoo and Fen knows she can identify what kind of tree it is. In order to participate, she raises her hand. Heart eyes, Fen! Eliot scolds: "You can just talk!" And then she shares her intel. Thanks, Fen!


11. Season 5, Episode 12: The Balls


The team needs to quickly hide the World Seed somewhere warm and moist. Fen finds a place for it. Yes, she does. A very personal place... Oh. My. God.