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7 Times The Magicians Hated Riddles But Solved Them Anyway

Here, in no particular order, are some examples of our sassy crew's hatred for twisty trickster mind games.

By Beth Johnson

For a group of people who have to solve puzzles all of the damn time, The Magicians really don't seem to like it. Which may be one of the reasons this crew is so lovable. They are saving the world -- again and again -- because duty calls. Or they want to rise to the challenge. Or they want to help a friend. Or they want to save magic. Or prove themselves worthy. Or some other internal motivation. But NOT because of a great love for puzzles and riddles. Because honestly, that can be kind of annoying.

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Here, in no particular order, are some examples of our sassy crew's hatred for twisty trickster mind games.

1. The Great Cock Challenge


In the start of Season 3 -- when the Quest for the Keys beings -- the Great Cock gives Eliot "an epic quest." He lays it out, with gems including "You must find the book with no author." Eliot tells him: "Honestly, that sounds like something I might really f*ck up."


2. Hotel Spa Potions = Last Hope Options


A former Brakebills professor, Bigby, has the battle magic spell that they need to learn in order to defeat the Beast. And the only way to find her is hidden via word games from books in the Brakebills library and multiple layers of riddles. As they progress through this, Quentin responds: "Another riddle. Awesome."


3. The Beauty of All Life


Fan favorite episode, "A Life in the Day", has a mini-quest to earn one of the keys: Eliot and Quentin must solve the Mosaic. As the Fillory puzzle is described by Quentin to Eliot he explains that they must use colored tiles to make a design that reflects "The beauty of all life." Eliot's bemused reaction is: "That sounds appropriately vague and impossible." And then they did it, together; It just takes 50 years.


4. The Trials are Super Trying


In Season 1, Brakebills first year students are hazed by upperclassmen in The Trials. Puzzles include being Kobayashi Maru'd in small groups with weird mind games in order to learn a new spell. The last task involves physical trials and requires them to work together and use each other's tools to complete various tasks, including chopping down a tree, fishing and catching a horse. Bonus prize: If you pass, you get turned into a goose!


5. When One Door Closes, Another One Opens (& a Monster Enters)


Season three again, and the Quest for the Keys. The team needs to find the backdoor to magic -- the place to use the keys. It was designed to be the very end of the quest. Quentin, Margo and Josh ask the prison designer where it is and how to get in and are told: "Good luck." They moan in outrage, but that's all they get. Later, the team brainstorms different ways in, Quentin goes rogue, makes a deal with the knight guarding the monster, Eliot then kills the Monster, the Monster then possesses EliotThis riddle is a real bummer.


6. Dragons Make Outrageous Demands


Quentin pays entrance to a dragon's den with a baby tooth. He and Julia meet her and ask for passage to the Underworld. She asks him for the magic button that will take them to Fillory. Quentin is hesitant to part with it, and the Dragon tells him that a doorway to Fillory is still possible: "The first door remains open." Quentin blinks and responds: "Great. I super love riddles."


7. If Wishes Were Horses


Quentin is recovering and still reeling after Alice's Niffin-death from defeating The Beast. (Yes, she comes back, but it hasn't happened yet!) His shoulder is now wooden and his heart is broken. Quentin searches for the White Lady, a mystical creature that grants wishes. After he catches her, she says to Q: "Here's a riddle: How much do you have to lose before you're no longer yourself." His response: A massive eye roll and: "I don't know, why don't you tell me." It's pretty great.


There's more where that came from, but those are our faves. What riddles have you noticed the gang love to hate? Tell us @MagiciansSYFY and see the final episode of The Magicians Wednesdays at 10/9c only on SYFY.