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Episode Recap: Apocalypse? Now?!

Kady punches a dude. Margo misses cocaine. Yawn.


The Magicians meet the Lunatics

The team wants to stop the Harmonic Convergence, aka The End of the World. Zelda suggests they consult the Lunatics – yep, Lunatics. A.K.A. "Lunar Fanatics" who are obsessed with the moon and believe they have a connection so magical they can move it. All you have to do is gather three people who have "Moon Brain" – five nights without sleeping, without using magic - and then make a sacrifice to the moon of a moon rock and then ask her to move.  

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The gang targets a moon rock that belongs to a digital billionaire named, Oren. Oren doesn't want to help stop the Convergence, because he has gross profiteering plans. Alice says she saw protection codes on the moon rock written by Mayakovsky. To Brakebills South they go…

There, Alice and Julia meet Mayakovsky's daughter, Tasha, who is Oren's ex-girlfriend. Oren cheated on her so she wrote the protection codes and will gladly help Alice and Julia rob him. Tasha's only request is that they give her a payment of one shade. The heist entails the team plus Tasha getting glammed up to crash a fancy party Oren's throwing. Tasha makes off in the getaway van while Penny, Josh and Margo are pulled into a room for interrogation. Security soon pulls over Tasha, and she turns out to be Kady. So, Tasha has seemingly escaped. Or was actually Kady all along?

Kady and Zelda search for the Book Depository

Kady and Zelda venture to Hell's Kitchen to find the Book Depository. Kady feels bad about leaving Fogg back in the Etheric Realm. Zelda says she knows about it; it turns out that she spent three years there once. Zelda says that if Fogg is still there it's because of his own demons and not Kady's fault. Then Kady finds the depository.

In the depository, Kady and Zelda find the book they are looking for. Now they can remove the Reed's Mark from the hedges and Zelda says she'll take the book to Harriet as soon as possible. They leave, and then a creepy person standing in the shadows sends a text. Who is he?

Eliot battles a monster and Marina. Oh, and the moon cracks    

In the room the moon rock was kept in, it turns out to have all been an illusion. The rock is still there, and Alice, Julia and Eliot are in the room with it. They can see the moon's aura — the Moon Brain is happening. She's red. They start casting their spell to turn her aura green and get the moon to listen. The moon starts to turn green, and then fades back to red. Eliot stopped casting and he's gone. He hears voices and wanders down a hall, then he looks in a mirror and sees himself as the Monster. Security arrives and corners Eliot. They also confront Josh for information, and he falls asleep. Then, so does security.

In the moon room, Marina walks in. Turns out, she's the one who put the guards to sleep. She wants the Harmonic Convergence to happen and binds the hands of Julia and Alice. Marina says she needs it for something she is working on, and also mentions the book depository. It was her henchman who saw Kady get the medical book. Kady realizes that Marina is the one who sent the memory assassin after her. Marina admits it, and also says it was Kady's talking in the depository that tipped her off to the team's heist plans.

There is a surge of power. Eliot walks in and is able to singlehandedly cast to the moon. She's listening, and Eliot starts to dissolve the moon rock to ask the moon to move and stop the Harmonic Convergence. Marina casts against him. The moon rock dissolves completely and blows them backwards. Then everyone looks up and the moon appears to crack in half. Well, dammit. That ended badly. Oops.