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Episode Recap: Be the Hyman

Slap fight! Josh eats a pickle. Dreams are weird.


Penthouse Sleepy-Time and Pregnancy Problems

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Margo fills in Josh on the latest: The Dark King, aka Rupert Chatwin, is trying to get his dead lover out of the Underworld. Margo and Josh make up and head off to make out. Julia is super pregnant and talking to Penny, who says he wants to be there for the baby. She wants him there, too. They also reunite.

Margo, Eliot, Josh, and Fen are hit with a sleeping spell. Lipson visits the Penthouse and checks them out and asks Julia to visit her for pregnancy checks.

Dream-State Exposition from the gods

Eliot, Fen, Margo and Josh are in a dream-state in Whitespire with Ember. He's still dead — this is an "energetic emanation" warning them about a pending Fillory apocalypse. He explains how the dead coming back to Fillory will cause destruction. Then Umber's emanation arrives, in order to stop Ember from blowing up the planet in a bid to save it. Umber says he created an Ark pocket world to move Fillorians if needed. Then Ember and Umber have a slap fight.

Save Fillory by Destroying It aka A Whole New World aka Let's Visit Vancouver!

Our heroes arrive back at the Penthouse. The gist is that they have to save Fillory by destroying it, using Umber's Ark to hold all of the citizens before repopulating them in a new world. Alice suggests building one with the World Seed. And Eliot knows where Umber lived in Vancouver, so Penny finds Hyman in the Cottage and asks him to help them travel. (That stasis thing worked: Well done, Plum!)

Hyman takes Eliot, Fen, Margo and Josh to Umber's house in Vancouver, then skedaddles. There, a Ghost Butler version of Umber asks them a riddle in the doorway. Fen knows the fable of which he speaks and responds correctly so they gain admittance.

The gang in Umber's house ask Ghost Butler for the pocket world Ark. Ghost Umber puts out a bunch of snow globe worlds and tells them they have to choose the right one in order to succeed. They ask for Fen's help, and she storms off. Eliot follows and asks her to please help them. She admits that she is sad they aren't fighting harder for Fillory. Eliot responds that making tough choices is a part of what they do. Globes start exploding, and then Fen runs in and grabs the correct one: A seahorse.

Marina, You've Changed!

Kady and Julia want to find The Couple and ask Pete for info. He says Marina is the only one who can help them. They find a very friendly, apologetic, and mellow Marina. She has reformed. Turns out, she did a personality reset spell that blocks the bad aspects of her personality. She does NOT want to help them find The Couple and calls the idea of going after them "an Old Marina decision." She says they are hiding the Seed in a Magicians-only hotel called The Nave. It is protected and secure, though she has plans for a break-in detailed in a heist book.

Marina takes Kady and Alice to see Gavin, formerly from The Library. He is in a hospital in a full-body cast. Past-Marina sent him into The Knave and that's how he was injured. They ask for the heist book, and after some threats he admits that Anna has it. Who's Anna? Marina's girlfriend. Er…ex-girlfriend? Anna is mad about all of Marina's former lies. Marina says she won't lie again, and admits that if Anna gives her the book, she will have to help them with whatever comes next.

Alice tells Kady she will take the spell off Marina so she can lie again, and they can get the book. It's very mercenary, but they do it. Evil Marina comes back, gets the book and gives it to them — telling lies and reuniting with Anna.

Pregnancy Side Effects & Other Body Complications

Julia is hearing things — like a psychic who can't control input. Penny is worried, so he nabs the circumstances control panel from the Brakebills lab and takes it to Julia at the Cottage. He wants Lipson to be able to do some treatments. Julia gets angry, accuses him of being controlling, and leaves.   

Hyman does not like being in his body. He wants to go back into the astral plane and his ghost life to spy on people again. Yuck.

In the Brakebills lab, Julia is again visited by Sir Effingham. He shares his vision of Fillory's demise, and Julia realizes that they are the ones he sees. Julia and team are what Effingham's prophecy foretells.  

Penny finds Julia. She apologizes for getting upset. Then Penny shares that his mom had episodes during his childhood that caused mental breaks and got him thrown into foster care. He is worried that his abilities caused his mom's problems. And that it might happen to Julia, too.

Back at the Cottage they find Evil Fogg stealing the Circumstances panel. This is bad.