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Episode Recap: Magicians Anonymous

Julia lends a book to some lady. Fogg finds a sock.


Kady and Dean Fogg Go on a Quest in a Psychedelic Dimension

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Kady is in a support meeting to battle her addiction issues. The next step in her Reed's Mark correction quest is to pop into a magical dimension with the help of dropping acid in order to find the missing book depository, and Kady does not know what to do. Dean Fogg agrees to help her so they do what they must. A couple of pills later, they go hunting for the book depository through a drug-filled dimension – it's very Penny Lane with super-saturated hues, rainbows, bubbles and big eyes. They eat cotton candy and decide they should follow a brown bunny. It's not long before Fogg and Kady start fighting about who gets to stay in drug land. They both want to. Then the Emperor, who they happened upon, says that since Kady is holding onto the goal of finding the depository, it has to be her that goes back. She feels terrible and responsible for "doing this" to Fogg, who seems very happy to step aside and stay. She says she will come back for him. Once he's gone, she finds a note in her hand that tells her: "Hell's Kitchen."

Julia Summons the god of Music to Solve the Harmonic Convergence

Back at the NY Penthouse, Alice, Julia and Penny are trying to solve the "harmonic convergence" issue. Julia suggests summoning a god. She successfully summons Clarion, goddess of Melody. Clarion knows all about Julia and is fascinated with her. Clarion foreshadows that the convergence will cause earthquakes, drought, fire and cannibalism. She will help Julia stop the disasters if Julia helps her become human – a rock star to be precise. Really. Unsure of how to honor Clarion's request, Julia, consults The Binder, who she kept safe instead of destroying. The Binder is annoyed with Julia and cautions her not to trust Clarion. Julia threatens him so he agrees to help her.

Penny is Having Major Travel Issues

At Brakebills, Penny is in distress, so he decides to remove the patch and it seems to work…until he's blipped out of the Cottage and thrown back in through a window, in great pain and with no memory of where he went or what happened. He continues to blip in and out. Lipson tries to help him. He cries out for Julia. Julia asks Clarion to save a comatose Penny. Clarion says that Julia only gets one miracle: saving her boyfriend or the world. Julia chooses Penny. Clarion makes off with The Binder who she'll force to make her human. Penny is alive but he no longer has his psychic abilities and he can no longer travel. He says it's instant karma: He made a choice for her, and then she made a choice for him. Merrit feels terrible, blames herself and reveals her true name and identity: Plum Merrit Chatwin. Yes, Chatwin. She takes the patch off her neck, blips out and is gone.

Eliot and Margo Serve the Dark King, Who's Super into Killing Takers

Eliot is in Fillory and making himself a useful court magician to the Dark King, who asks him to call him "Seb" instead of "Your Majesty." Hmmm… Margo, who's now a Centurion Guard, tells Eliot to keep an eye on – instead of flirting with - "Seb" to find out what he's really up to. Later, the Centurion Guards train to defeat the Takers. The Dark King prepares to show them how it's done. Fillorians watch everything play out through enchanted viewing bowls. Margo gets cornered by two Takers and appears to take them down with her axes, but they rise again. Then, the Dark King defeats them, with magic and by absorbing their souls. The King collapses onto Margo, as one does after inhaling dark forces. Back at Castle Whitespire, Margo discovers a Fairy that's been hiding. Before she can ask more questions, her Fellow Guards order her to shackle and cage the Fairy.

Alice and Zelda Fight Visigoths and Burn Books

The Visigoths are raiding the Library; Zelda barricades Alice with her in the stacks. Zelda and Alice argue behind the barricade. Alice tells her not to die for a bunch of books. Zelda feels guilt about her daughter, Harriet, and the mistakes she has made. Alice encourages her to be strong and keep going. When the Visigoths break through Zelda's barriers, in a fit of anger, Zelda burns all the books so they can't have them. Later, at the Penthouse, as the group mourns their individual loses, Zelda tells Penny, Julia and Alice that stopping the harmonic convergence isn't impossible, it's just difficult. But really, all they have to do is move the moon. Yep, that moon.