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Episode Recap: Purgatory

Margo learns to project. Josh goes to the spa.


Mystery Room with a Mystery Man

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Plum and Penny are trapped in a mystery room where the signal brought them. They're not sure where they are and can't travel out. Then, some guy shows up and explains why he brought them there — he's a time traveller who wants them to stop traveling so they don't disrupt the world. Butterfly effect, etc. He says his name is Eliphas and demands that Plum submit herself to a machine that will pull out her time travel abilities. Until she willingly does this, they are trapped in the room.

They spend more than a month there and lose time altogether. In a room outside of time they are undergoing a strange torture. Plum decides to use the cuff and extract her special time traveling abilities.

Mystery creepy guy is collecting the essence and Penny realizes that he wants her supply and abilities. They bargain to give him what the cuff extracted so far in return for their release.

Fillory and Beyond … Or, Below?

The Dark King finds Josh in the forest, casts a spell on a necklace he gives him, and sacrifices him to the Takers. OK, does this solidify that the guy is bad news? Josh is pulled down into the earth by a Taker.

Josh comes to in some creepy Taker realm. One of them tried to grab the charmed necklace that the Dark King gave him and recoils. Is it Taker kryptonite? Josh has Margo's eye in his pocket and uses it to communicate with her. Then he finds a child and she knows where an elevator is. A Taker grabs her, Josh rescues her, and then they find it together. Josh wears Margo's eye as a necklace: A "Mar-go-pro." The elevator has one button: Underworld. Off they go.

Margo's in NYC, and Her Eye Is Way-Elsewhere

Kady and Alice are in the swank NYC apartment, having survived torture from the man in "The Couple." Alice's fingers are back on, but they don't feel right. Kady wants revenge.

Margo wakes up in the Penthouse and Josh is working to communicate with her from the Taker realm via her Fairy eye. She fills in Kady, Alice and Fen and then collapses. They take Margo to the Brakebills lab where she is extremely sick due to her eye being in another world.

Alice uses a prism in Margo's eye socket to broadcast what's happening with Josh. They read the message he is sending them: Find Hades. He's on Earth in Queens. Alice and Kady pay him a visit. He's depressed due to the death of his wife Persephone — aka Our Lady Underground — and not inclined to help them. When they explain the Takers and what's happening in Fillory, Hades realizes that someone has opened a door they shouldn't have and that the dead are coming back to the living. The Takers are supposed to keep the worlds apart. He says he'll help their friend but then they have to clean up the mess of what's happening in Fillory or the worlds will be destroyed by the dead.

The Underworld

Josh and the child emerge from the elevator and look for help. They meet a receptionist and tell him that they're not dead. Then they find Penny 40, who says he can't help him. Hades has vanished and the bureaucracy is broken. Then Penny 40 thinks of how they might be able to find Hades: Mapmaker Benedict. He has an idea. They head to a temple that Hades might be at, and he's not there. Using the Mar-go-pro, Josh alerts Margo and crew to this update. Later, due to Kady and Alice's efforts with Hades, Josh and the child return to Fillory. And the Takers are dying. According to what Hades said, this could be bad.

Eliot and Julia's Not-So-Excellent Adventures

They're still stuck together in a cell in Whitespire, thanks to the failed kill-the-Dark-King-thing. Eliot also has Charlton to keep him company. Julia is freaking out and Eliot works hard to comfort her. As she spirals, she can hear Charlton in Eliot's mind. They talk it through and suspect that Julia may be absorbing the baby's powers. Charlton goes back into Eliot's memory to a class where they covered this and thinks it is possible. The theory: She needs to freak out more in order to assume the baby's powers.

Eliot comes up with a plan to scare Julia and bring on her potential powers. He creates an illusion that makes her panic. Julia realizes that she can travel and she breaks them out.

Together Again —

As most of the group gathers back at the Penthouse, Penny is pretty shocked to see a heavily pregnant Julia. As she tells him, they need to talk…