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Episode Recap: The Balls

Margo sees a purse she hates. Alice writes a letter. We couldn't get Prince.


Holy Musical Episode!

Marina visits and explains her World Seed theft plans. The Couple has it in The Nave hotel. It's a Magicians-friendly spot with wards and spells protected by enchanted golem bellhops. If they sense dangerous emotions, they kick guests out.

The team has info Marina didn't: The World Seed must be kept warm. Marina shares her book, which is a pop-up model of the Nave. One room is hotter than all others; The Seed must be there. Looking at photos of The Couple, they realize the woman has a fake Birkin and that must be how she transports the Seed.

They discuss their plan on how to get the Seed. How to communicate with each other? Zelda suggests The Conductor spell. They won't be able to hear each other, but The Conductor can talk to and hear everyone. They choose Marina.

Zelda does the spell and there's noise at the door: Sir Effingham. He wants them to eliminate Julia, as she plots to destroy Fillory. They argue and then start singing and dancing. Yep. Effingham sings "Cruel to be Kind" and everyone joins in. And the choreography is 60s-style-au-gogo, baby. After the song ends, they lie that they will kill Julia. Adios, Effingham.

Margo asks: Why did that happen? Zelda speculates their emotions muddled the spell. So, when they have strong feelings they are going to sing. Alice suggests they do emotion bottles for the heist.

Julia and Penny Find His Mom

Julia finds Penny's mom in a hospital. Not as a patient, but a nurse. Penny talks to her about when she started hearing voices. She says it was three months into the pregnancy, and after he was born it got worse. She couldn't raise him because their connection made her hear voices. Then it starts to happen again. Penny is upset that he still messes up his mom — and it might be the same for Julia and the baby. Julia tries to talk to his mom about the connection between her and Penny and about their magic. Neela says she understand and needs her space. Julia gives Penny a photo of him and his mom that Neela asked her to pass along. They leave, having learned about the connection and not much more. Sorry, Penny.

A Musical Heist, in 18 Easy Steps

1.    Pete breaks the team into the Nave with a charmed suitcase. Marina and Zelda stay in the Penthouse. Emotions are bottled.

2.    Pete distracts The Couple at the bar with a random pitch and expensive wine.

3.    Fen, Margo and Josh break into their room. They find the warm purse to transport the Seed and The Couple's work translating the page. Fen says their info is wrong.

4.    As they go to leave, evil Fogg17 arrives and stops them.

5.    The Couple's meeting with Pete ends, and he's escorted out for lying.

6.    A bellhop asks Eliot, Alice and Kady for keycards. Instead, they fight. Alice's emotion bottle breaks. She attacks the bellhop with a Bowie song and he overloads.

7.    Fogg finds Margo's gun. The Couple enters their room. Fen tells them their info is wrong.

8.    Eliot pulls Alice into a room. Kady looks for Fogg. Eliot has a sip of his emotion bottle and they sing a duet: "Don't Give Up" by Peter Gabriel, featuring Kate Bush.

9.    Fen goes off with The Couple and tells them the Seed needs to know why they want it to grow. Turns out, they want a new world to have a baby.

10.    Kady gets captured by Fogg and tied up with Josh and Margo.

11.    Kady tricks Fogg into drinking from a flask dosed with a drug that transports him to the Etheric Realm. They get free.

12.    Alice and Eliot recover. She sends a mystery note out the window and they head to the basement.

13.    Marina's girlfriend unexpectedly shows up at the Penthouse and is mad at her for going evil. She breaks the Conductor's wand, then they break up.

14.    In the basement, Alice and Eliot prepare to lower the temperature in the special room so the other group can grab the Seed. A bellhop confronts them. They sing The Ramones to shut him down.

15.    On an upper floor, Kady, Josh and Margo head to the Seed. They join in on the song to stop the bellhops attacking them.

16.    Fen is with The Couple, translating the page. As it gets cold, they step out. Kady, Margo and Josh bust in. Margo threatens to kill the Seed. She goes to put it in the magic bag and the bag isn't working. Margo tells everyone to drop their knives, and when they do, she pulls out her gun and shoots the man. Fen says she has the seed and they make a run for it.

17.    Alice has an exit: They all head to the roof.

18.    Santa arrives. Turns out that's who Alice had written to. Ho-ho-ho.

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