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Episode Recap: The Mountain of Ghosts

Eliot and Alice go for a hike. Fen gets a haircut.


Eliot and Alice bury Quentin's essence…and meet the Dark King!

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Alice plans to go to the top of the Mountain of Ghosts and throw Quentin's essence into the hole that leads down to the Underworld. Eliot remembers Rupert Chatwin was also looking for that in the books -- he's finally reading the books! She is worried that Quentin's soul won't be at rest unless he is complete. Eliot insists on joining her on her quest; Alice reluctantly agrees.

While on their trek to the Mountain, Eliot and Alice hire a guide, who tells them to watch out for Takers who will swipe valuables and people. And that's exactly what happens. A Taker -- who is terrifying, by the way -- makes off with the vial containing Quentin's essence! Eliot gives chase and uses his best magic but it's no use. Just as Eliot's about to be eaten / or clawed to death / or meet some other gruesome fate, a Mysterious Fellow Traveler shows up and saves the day. Later that night, Mysterious Fellow Traveler and Eliot share drinks and stories about love, loss and what they swore to their fallen paramours. The Fellow Traveler makes a pass at Eliot, which Eliot declines, and suggests that Eliot tell Alice the truth about his relationship with Quentin. Eliot is unsure that he can do this…

But the next day, he does. At the top of the mountain, he comes clean to Alice. Alice reveals that she already knew. She says that Q was "messy and complicated" but she loved him anyway. The two friends share a tearful moment of remembrance and say goodbye to Quentin's essence, dropping it and Eliot's letter down the hole to the Underworld.  

When they see their Mysterious Fellow Traveler again, he gets into the Dark King's carriage and—wait, what?! The Mysterious Fellow Traveler IS the Dark King! Or as Eliot so eloquently put it, "I think I almost f*cked the Dark King."

Margo, Josh AND Fen, werewolf out! And Margo kinda-sorta murders Fen AKA "Fencicle"

While brainstorming how to overthrow the Dark King, Fen and Josh tell Margo about a new tradition in Fillory. When Josh was King, he created a battle of fighters to find champions and fill out the elite Centurion Guard. It could be a way to get Margo un-banished, as winning fighters regain citizenship if they are among the banished. Margo agrees and enters the tournament as "Janet" and chooses axes as her weapon of choice. Fen joins for fun as "Fencicle" and uses knives – of course – as her weapon. Oh, and, one other thing- both of Fillory's moons are about to be full and Margo is about to be a double werewolf. And so is Josh and so is Fen, which means that Josh hooked up with Fen!

Margo is super murdery and easily slays all of her competitors in the Centurion Challenge including Fen! She feels terrible about killing her friend until Fen comes back to life. Huh? Turns out, the knife Margo use was unknowingly a fake. It's a relief for all but there's still one problem? They're all about to turn. After they wolf out, Josh, Margo and Fen sit in their cages. Josh and Fen keep apologizing to Margo who snaps that she doesn't own Josh's penis and doesn't want to. Also? She confesses that it was Eliot who saved them, not her. Josh and Fen are shocked and disappointed in Margo.

Penny and Julia try to stop the magical surges

Julia asks Penny – who's now sporting a patch to quite the voices in his head – for a travel ride. She's trying to find out what's causing the magical surges so she can stop them. They arrive at a location called P.K. Endeavours that looks eerily similar on the inside to the Physical Kids Cottage at Brakebills. There, they meet Zoe Marcus who's super friendly until they ask her about her sister, Daniella, who can help predict the magical surges. That's when Zoe becomes less than friendly. This is exactly what got her other sister, Beth, killed. Zoe says they already saved the world once and now she's done.

Back at the Penthouse, prompted by Zoe's question, Penny asks Julia: "When do you save the world enough?" Then Daniella appears at the door. She says the surges are unpredictable, but she did come up with a model for possible times and tells them about the Harmonic Convergence. Come again? Turns out, it's disaster-y and the next one will be in two weeks, oh and bonus, it falls in a surge window. She predicts a death toll in the millions. Daniella also says she and her sister will help. Does Zoe know about this pledge of allegiance? …