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Hero of the Week: King Margo

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s one of the greatest magicians of them all? Margo, duh.


Magic, motivation and a leader without hesitation, that's what our Margo is made of. Read on the see the Top 5 reasons why The Magicians is lucky to have her and why she's our Hero of the Week.

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She speaks her F*$#ing mind!

Long Live King Margo!

Our girl Margo loves to use four letter words and we love her for it. Whether she’s telling her pseudo-beau Josh to get his sh*t together or ruling with an unapologetically iron fist as King of Fillory, Margo tells it like it is and gets everyone around her in order. Damn, straight! Check out the video above to see some of her greatest moments and best one-liners.   

She’s Double Royalty


Speaking of being King, once upon a time, Margo was Queen of Fillory. We’re not sure if the title change is considered a lateral move or a bump up but either way, she inspires us to dream big and not box ourselves in!

She’s a BFF MVP

Best Friends Forever! Eliot and Margo

In Season 4 when her beloved BFF, Eliot’s, body was possessed by that awful, rotten, no good demon, Margo fought, tooth, nail and potion to get Eliot un-possessed- even if it meant risking her own life in the process. If our friends don’t stand up to an evil spirit in our honor, we don’t want ‘em. Watch some of Eliot and Margo’s greatest BFF moments and take note! 

She’s not afraid to stick it to the man!

Back from School

Remember that time when Margo happened upon a community full of repressed desert women who were afraid to use their outside voices because some dudes told them that they’d summon evil if they did? Well, Lady Margo set everyone in that backwards town straight and gave her fellow sisters back their voices. Literally.

She’s fashionable as heck!


Jumpsuits, and pinafores and jewelry, oh my! When we die and go to Fillory, we want to wake up in Margo’s closet. Every season, we wait on bated breath to (A) see what type of magic Margo has up her sleeve and (B) see what type of sleeves she’ll be rocking. What's next? Vintage or lace or brocade?! We’re (im)patiently counting down the days until January 2020 to find out…

Until they return, you can see more of Margo and The Magicians by watching their greatest moments since Season 1.