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See Fen! Live From Fillory Episodes 1 - 6

Join Fen as she explores topics like travel, marriage, fashion and more!


Buckle up and enjoy the ride as our beloved, Fen!, explores topics like travel, marriage, fashion and more in her very own talk show.

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Episode 1- Fen! Live From Fillory: Cranky Travelers

Season 5 | Episode 1: FEN! Live from Fillory: Cranky Travelers

Episode 2- Fen! Live From Fillory: We're Kinda-ish Married!

Season 5 | Episode 2: FEN! Live from Fillory: We're Kinda-ish Married!

Episode 3 - Fen! Live From Fillory: Ignite Happiness

Season 5 | Episode 3: FEN! Live from Fillory | Ignite Happiness

Episode 4 - Fen! Live From Fillory: Ask Margo More

Season 5 | Episode 4: FEN! Live from Fillory | Ask Margo More

Episode 5 - Fen! Live From Fillory: Fantastic Food Off

Season 5 | Episode 5: FEN! Live from Fillory | Fantastic Food Off

Episode 6 - Fen! Live From Fillory: Girl Power

Season 5 | Episode 6: FEN! Live from Fillory | Girl Power | SYFY

See Fen in all-new adventures of The Magicians, Wednesdays at 10/9c.