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Episode Recap: Robert Englund to the Rescue


There are several outcomes I had predicted for the wrap-up of Town of the Living Dead, but one I never could've imagined is that none other than Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund, would save the movie from being banished from Jasper. Oh, and that he'd direct John's death scene, too. It's all so unlikely, but that's exactly what happens in Season One's penultimate episode.

The episode picks up where we last left off, with Robert Englund surprising John at his apartment. John answers the door and looks positively stunned to be face-to-face with Freddy Krueger. John lets Englund and the crew into his home and Englund makes his case for why John should return to Thr33 Days Dead, telling the director that making the movie is a dream for his whole crew. "They want to finish this dream before it turns into a nightmare," Englund says, using one of many opportunities to work in a Nightmare on Elm Street reference. John relents and agrees to return to the director's chair, though there's still a major problem: Jasper has banned the crew from shooting anywhere in the county. Englund accepts John's request to speak in front of Jasper's City Council to see if something can be worked out.

In one of Town of the Living Dead's most emotional scenes, the entire cast and crew go to a City Council meeting to ask for permission to continue shooting. John, who's a nervous wreck, speaks for the group, politely requesting two more weeks to finish the movie, though Jasper's mayor, Sonny Posey, says, "I think six years is long enough to finish any project." Englund eventually takes the mic in the series' most Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (or, per Englund, Footloose) moment and argues that the Council should show mercy. The Council agrees to give the crew one more week - not two - to finish shooting in Jasper.

Englund and the crew celebrate over ribs at Tina's house, trying not to stress out about the fact that they have a mere seven days to shoot 15 scenes. Englund tells them they should be storyboarding each scene ... which comes as news to John, who has never storyboarded before. John asks Englund if he can be on set while they shoot John's death scene and the horror icon says he'll be there.

In a moment of comic relief, Bryan takes John for a pedicure. While they're getting their nails done, Bryan asks his director if he'll give him some dialogue in the next scene, as Robert Englund will be on set the film's lead actor wants to show off his acting chops for Freddy Krueger. John explains that it's his death scene, not Bryan's. Bryan begs and pleads, but John refuses his request.

On the day of John's death scene, Tina sees the crew sitting around doing nothing and asks them what's going on, to which Michael answers, in the episode's most unintentionally funny line, "We're waiting on Freddy Krueger." Robert Englund pulls up to the set in an SVU and it's instantly all hands on deck. In another moment of comic relief, Englund asks Laura to bring him a Starbucks coffee, unaware that there isn't a Starbucks anywhere near Jasper. In an effort to please Englund, Laura makes a DIY Starbucks beverage at home and brings it to the set. Englund takes a sip ... and, none the wiser, heartily approves of Laura's concoction.

When it's time to shoot John's death scene, Englund takes total control of the shoot, showing that he's of course a much more adept filmmaker than the last guy who crashed John's set, Master Ferrell. While Bryan is annoyed to be relegated to boom mic duty, Englund does a superb job directing the scene with the crew's budget and time constraints, delivering a particularly gruesome demise for John's character. A good day's work done, Freddy Krueger hops back into his SUV and speeds off back to Elm Street.