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Episode Recap: Episode 1


South Londoner Troy may look like an ordinary 25 year old - but don't let his unassuming manner fool you - he is one of the UK's most impressive magicians. 

We find Troy in a Camden vintage store handling some very expensive glasses - and messing with the mind of a shop assistant, who has no idea he is being filmed.

Fancying a bite to eat, he heads over to Camden Stables where he comes across a group of girls and challenges them to a chopsticks competition with a difference, leaving them baffled and bewildered. Next, he decides to see whether fortune cookies can really tell the future as he makes a Chinese food stall worker chose a cookie to open – with astounding results.

Heading home on the bus to Lewisham, Troy can't resist the temptation of tricking the bus driver with a unique way of presenting his Oyster Card and uses his talents to help a passenger and her mom get off the bus. After playing tricks on his family at home, Troy pops in to his local barbers for more mystifying mischief.

From the many that grace his arms, it's immediately obvious that Troy likes tattoos. Thinking of another, he drops in on his local tattoo studio and chooses a novel way of selecting his next one while making someone else think twice about the back tattoo he was thinking of.

Out and about in East London Troy meets a group of girls in a pub who have just had their photo taken in the photo booth. They initially regret giving him their picture when he destroys it but are stunned when the photo reappears with Troy in it. And it's not just those girls who get more than they bargained for as Troy goes speed dating with some superbly surprising results and later shocks some tourists with a stunning selfie souvenir.

As the first episode approaches its finale, a spectacular stunt looms. Troy is a great believer in 'one good deed deserves another' so when a passerby offers to give Troy the £5 (5 Pounds) he's asked to borrow, he repays him in a way he and other lucky passers-by will never, ever forget.