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Episode Recap: Episode 2


In the second episode, Troy continues his magical mission and kicks things off in his favourite Shisha Bar. Chatting to two girls who have no idea of his hidden talents, Troy initially seems to break their shisha pipe before quickly restoring it – much to the girls' astonishment – before using the smoke to smash an upturned wine glass leaving them speechless.

En route to watch his favourite football team Arsenal, Troy can't resist doing a prediction trick on the bus before heading to the pub where he plays a cruel caper on a stunned Arsenal fan by changing the badge on his shirt to the Spurs— with the slight of his hand. He then goes on to impress a bunch of friends with a trick involving a betting slip and a cigarette. Can Troy actually predict the outcome of the match? You bet he can, and he does!

Next, he heads to the comic book store where he leads a mortified member of the staff to believe that he has ripped a very rare, first edition of Dandy worth £15,000 (roughly 22, 700 American dollars!). But all is not as it seems as he repairs it on touch – much to the shop workers overwhelming relief. Troy's trickery there isn't over as he catches a comic fanatic out when he acquires the superhuman powers of a superhero taken from the pages of a comic strip.

As the temperature heats up in London, Troy grabs his mates for a road trip to the seaside to cool down. At the beachfront in Bournemouth, he takes to the arcades and gives a holidaymaker much more than she bargained for when he deposits her watch through the glass and inside a penny coin machine, before emptying its contents with a hand movement.

Back in town and out and about at Brixton Market, Troy is keen to find out how fresh the fish is at the fishmongers. No-one expects to see one so fresh that it flaps – but that's exactly what happens when he brings it back to life. Close by, Troy comes to the rescue of a couple whose bank card has been swallowed at the ATM by not only getting their card back by reaching in to the machine, but grabbing the exact amount of money they needed too.

As the second episode reaches its conclusion, Troy saves the best for last. In his final spectacular stunt, he dumbfounds bystanders waiting to cross Tower Bridge by disappearing from behind a coat and appearing at the other side of the bridge, all before the drawbridge has come down.