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Episode Recap: Episode 3


In the third episode, Troy starts by taking us back to the clothes shop he once worked at. After performing a card trick on his former colleagues where he makes the name of the card he chose actually call his former co-worker on his phone, he goes back behind the counter one last time to have some fun with the unsuspecting customers who are completely unaware Troy is a magician or that they are being filmed. First, he magically makes the customer's name appear on a free T-Shirt he's giving out before angering one man by cutting up his credit card and amazes him by restoring it completely un-damaged. Sensing an opportunity to ramp it up some more Troy then takes his card again and wipes it clean... by turning it completely transparent!

If there is one thing Troy can't magic up, it's muscles. So we follow him off to the gym. Not being able to resist an opportunity, Troy helps a damsel in distress who has come back to her locker with everything she put in it now disappeared. With a wave of a magical hand, Troy makes everything come back again to the complete shock of the girl who also has no idea she is on camera.

As Troy waits for his bus he chats to a group of students and asks one of them what she wanted to be when she was growing up. A model. Deciding to give her a taste of what it could have been like and after asking her to think of any number, the bus with that same number pulls up on the other side of the road with a giant billboard on the side with that same girl on it starring in her very own perfume advertisement.

Troy then visits an art gallery and puts his own influence into one of the photographs by magically placing a tennis ball into it. Realizing the photographer might not appreciate his take on things he returns it back to how it was originally and pulls out a real tennis ball from the picture. Next he chats to a group and asks a girl to draw anything she wants as he attempts to read her mind and copy what she's drawing. They both turn their drawings around and reveal that they have both drawn an umbrella. Wanting to show everyone what they have drawn he turns all the pictures on the wall behind them into drawings of umbrellas.

Several years ago, Troy was at a bus stop and two people tried to steal his phone off him. He held it up and made it magically disappear, confusing the two guys and giving him time to jump on his bus and get away. Troy therefore knows how much people value their phones and so creates a bit of a stir when he visits a phone shop wipes a customer's phone and turns it completely see through. While being secretly filmed he also shows a couple of girls how they can turn a pay as you go leaflet into actual real money. They attempt it too although not quite as successfully.

Troy is half Jamaican so the Notting Hill Carnival is something he always looks forward to. Troy shows off his mind reading skills by making a prediction and asking a steel band to play the notes of a song which turn out to be the same one that one of the girls had been thinking of. What's after the party....? The afterparty! Troy goes to his friend's house where he amazes people with his take on the drinking game, Beer Pong. Somehow making a signed ball disappear from his hand and appear in a cup on the other side of the room while it is completely covered.

Finally he asks for the help of a group of ladies to play a prank on his friend he's waiting for by hiding inside a box and jumping out on him. Yet after getting inside the box, before he gets a chance to do jump out, the box is crushed much to the panic of the women. A few moments later Troy appears from around the corner completely unscathed.