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Episode Recap: Episode 4


In the fourth episode, Troy asks a couple or girls if they'll assist him in getting his lunch at a restaurant as he's been told there is long wait on food. Neither of the girls knows that they're being filmed or that Troy is a magician. He asks the girls to write down on a napkin the ingredients to the tortilla soup from the menu. He throws the napkin into a pot and with a click of his fingers, instantly transforms it into a delicious freshly made soup much to the amazement of the girls. Knowing soup can't be eaten with the forks that are on the table, he picks one up and magically changes it into a spoon before digging into his lunch.

Next, Troy self-confesses to having OCD… Obsessive Cap Disorder. He's got nearly 100 of them, and when people find out he is a magician they sometimes ask him "can you pull a rabbit out a hat?"... of course he can! And he does exactly that in front of a young family when visiting one of his favourite haunts, a vintage clothes shop in East London. Then, while in the shop he asks a couple of girls (who are unaware they are on camera) if they could help him decide what outfit looks best on him out of a few choices he's picked up. With them happy to oblige, Troy walks into the changing room and almost immediately walks back out, but now wearing different clothes. Stunned, the girls give an opinion and Troy goes back to the changing room to try something else on. He instantly walks out again in yet another new outfit. Still not happy with his choice he goes back in one last time, closes the curtain, opens it immediately and walks straight out again but this time now in a full evening suit. Troy then walks off coolly adding a finishing touch by producing a pair of shades from thin air. Slick.

Troy has always wanted to be good at skateboarding, but has forever been better at flipping cards than boards. But, that doesn't mean he can't show off his skills in the skate park. After watching the boarders and their tricks, he borrows one of their boards and shows them what he can do, magically sliding the wheels from the top of the board all the way down to the bottom ones, even moving the screw holes on the other side of the board with it. He then borrows a bike from one of the girls in the group and walks over to a bench. He places the bike on the bench and then a skateboard on the handlebars. Somehow balancing them, he climbs up onto the bench before walking up the bike and standing at the end of the skateboard. Upon returning the bike and board the group have a go themselves, unsuccessfully being able to balance anything at all and left totally baffled.

Running through the heart of London is the Thames River. The last thing anyone would ever think of doing is drinking from it, but that's not the case when Troy's around with his amazing power of mind control. He starts by blindfolding a man and asking him to think of any drink. Troy then scoops water from the Thames (yes the actual Thames!) into a bucket, pours it into a cup and hands it to the man. To a shocked crowd, the man sips it and calls out the drink he can taste and the one he was secretly thinking of, Malibu.

Visiting a pool hall on Brick Lane, Troy and his good friend (also called Troy) challenge a couple to a game. Preferring American pool with spots and stripes instead of solid colors, Troy (the magic one) changes the balls instantly from solids to the American style ones. During the game he claims to be able to actually hear what color ball has been hit without looking. Troy has a bet with the girl that he can, then successfully calls out the correct color of various balls that are hit, winning the bet! He still loses the actual game though as he's definitely better at magic than pool!

Troy has another confession…. he LOVES chicken. He can't get enough of it and luckily one of his friends, Dabs, owns a chicken shop, so he goes to visit him and ends up behind the counter serving unsuspecting customers, giving him a chance to have a bit of fun with them. After messing up the order for a group of girls he offers to make it fresh, placing it all into a box, clicking his fingers, and turning it all back into a live chicken!

It's frustrating running out of cash on a night out, especially when you can't find a cash machine. Troy has his own solution to that though and shows a group of girls how he can literally draw out some cash by borrowing a lipstick and drawing a cash machine on a wall before inserting his card into it, making a pin pad appear from nowhere before cash actually comes out from the wall!

Finally Troy visits a bookstall on the South Bank of the Thames. He claims to a dubious group of people there he can control their minds. After being told "go on then" by one customer he asks people to select any book and flick through it, stopping at a page then selecting a random word from it. He asks one of the girls to write down on a board a sentence made up of all the words people have chosen. After seeing the sentence for the first time Troy tells them he has controlled every single thing they have done and knew what the sentence would be. He asks them to turn around and behind them in the distance covering the bridge over the river is the same sentence the group came up with: "Magic fills the world with awe & surprises."