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Episode Recap: Episode 5


In the fifth episode we take a look at some of Troy's favorite things to do out and about in London. While shopping for his mom, Troy asks for advice from a fellow shopper on his choice. He holds up the clothing to a mannequin, before dropping it turning it and then turning the mannequin into an actual human.

The clothes theme continues as Troy goes window-shopping with a group of girls who see a top they like in one of the windows.  Even though the shop is closed Troy has a way to still have a good look at it by magically putting his hand through a window, reaching inside and pulling the clothing through the glass.

Next, Troy goes on a night out with two of his friends to the fairground.  After enjoying some of the rides he chats to a couple of girls at a shooting stall about what would be good prizes to win, like a phone for example. Never one to miss out on an opportunity to cause mischief, Troy asks to see one of the girl's phone and promptly smashes the screen up much to the shock of people around.  But then, in one swift wave of his hand he magically restores it back to being completely undamaged.

Troy loves football, although he's not very good at playing it.  Fortunately he's much better at magic so when he's at a vending machine after playing a game with his friends he treats them to a quick trick.  He borrows a £5 note, tearing part of it off and putting it into the coin slot that puts the credit to £1.  Then after his friend selects a chocolate bar it drops out and he opens it to reveal that the torn off part of the note is actually inside the wrapper of the bar.  Troy then takes both parts of the note and somehow makes them join back together and returns the £5 completely undamaged.

Heading to the pub, Troy takes on two guys in a game of Scrabble.  Ever the one to spot an opportunity he asks one of the guys to think of any word.  Troy collects some tiles and has a guess at what it could be.  Wrong.  He asks what the word was and find out that it's "quartz".  With a swift wave of his hand over the wrong tiles, they instantly change to the letters that now spell QUARTZ.

Troy heads over to the bar, and starts chatting to a group about shots.  They order a round of tequila and ask to include the tequila worm in one of the shots.  Troy takes the one with the worm and downs it before instantly regretting it and telling the group he needs to get it out of him.  He lifts up his top and digs around in his bellybutton before pulling the worm out, shocking the entire pub!

After a night out what's better than going to a greasy spoon café? Troy asks a girl who is unaware she is being filmed what she recommends from the menu.  Troy then takes a menu and pulls out a fresh bacon sandwich.

Being a huge Michael Jackson fan, Troy always remembers the graveyard scenes in the Thriller video, so when taking a short cut through a grave yard with a group on the way to a party, Troy decides to have a bit of fun.  They come to a grave that has a cover on it.  Troy asks one of the girls to think of any name.  He lifts the sheet and it's the same name on the headstone!  He asks the girl to hold up the sheet in front of him and call the name on the headstone, Lillian Styles 3 times.  On the 3rd time the sheet shoots into the distance, revealing Troy has disappeared.  All of a sudden a hand comes out of the gravestone causing everyone to scream!  It's Troy!  He climbs out of the ground and walks off leaving a very scared group behind.

Lastly, Troy enjoys a night out at Coq d'Argent, a bar/restaurant with an amazing rooftop view of the city.  After admiring the view with a group of people he asks a girl to choose her favorite building.  She points to one with a green light on top of it.  Troy takes a few steps away, holds up his hand and all the lights from the building turn off.  The green light then shoots from the building and onto Troy.  He turns around and everyone sees that he has absorbed the light and now his veins have turned green too!  He turns back to the building before sending the light back and all the building lights come back on.  He turns back around and he too is back to normal before walking off leaving a stunned crowd.