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Episode Recap: Episode 6


In this series finale we look back at some of Troy's best tricks from the season as he uses everyday objects and situations to baffle and amaze unsuspecting people. Troy pops in to his local barbers and before he leaves plays a trick on one of the customers making his phone vanish and appear behind the mirror!

Troy loves a tattoo or two… or several so when visiting his tattoo parlor he chats with a couple that are thinking of getting some new ink.  After suggesting a fish design, Troy shows them how they look better in real life by shaking the page, removing the fish from it and having the fish appear in the water dispenser as live fish!

If there is one thing Troy can't magic up, it's muscles.  So we follow him off to the gym.  Not being able to resist an opportunity, Troy helps a damsel in distress who has come back to her locker with everything she put in it now disappeared.  With a wave of a magical hand, Troy makes everything come back again to the complete shock of the girl who also has no idea she is on camera.

At a restaurant and without knowing they are being filmed or that Troy is a magician he acquires the help of a couple of girls to help him get his lunch after being told there is a long wait for food.  He asks the girls to write down on a napkin the ingredients to the tortilla soup that is on the menu.  He throws the napkins into a pot and with a click of his fingers he instantly transforms them into a delicious freshly made soup much to the amazement of the girls. Knowing soup can't be eaten with the forks that are on the table, he picks one up and magically changes it into a spoon before tucking into his lunch. Over at Camden Stables Troy comes across a group of girls and challenges them to a chopsticks competition with a difference, leaving them baffled and bewildered.  Next, he shows someone that you really should believe what it says inside fortune cookies as he makes a Chinese food stall holder chose a cookie to open – with astounding results.

In a spectacular stunt, he dumbfounds bystanders waiting to cross Tower Bridge by disappearing from behind a coat and appearing at the other side of the bridge, all before the drawbridge has come down.

Running through the heart of London is the Thames.  Probably the last thing any would ever think of doing is drink from it. However, with Troy using his amazing power of mind control and after making a couple of girls drink bottled water but actually taste the drink they were thinking of instead, he takes it another level and blindfolds a man asking him to think of any drink.  Troy scoops water from the Thames in a bucket, pours it into a cup and hands it to the man. In front of a shocked crowd Troy sips it and calls out the drink he can taste and the one he was secretly thinking of, Malibu.

Being a big Arsenal fan Troy heads to the pub to watch the local derby where he plays a cruel caper on a stunned Arsenal fan by changing the badge on his shirt to the Spurs one with a wave of his hand.

Out and about in East London, Troy meets a group of girls in a pub who have just had their photo taken in the photo booth. They initially regret giving him their picture when he destroys it but are staggered when the photo reappears with Troy in it.

Outside a restaurant Troy asks the help of a group of ladies to play a prank on his mate he's waiting for by hiding inside a box and jumping out on him, after getting inside the box, before he gets a chance to do that, the box is crushed –much to the panic of the women.  A few moments later Troy appears from around the corner completely unscathed.

And there we have a season. Thanks for watching, folks. And Troy, thanks for the magic – it's been real.