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Episode Recap: Episode 10: Against All Odds

A young couple, football fans AND the city of Barcelona are all targets for Troy's magic.


It's the season finale - again, so soon? Time flies when you're having fun watching Troy do street magic. Speaking of street magic, our favorite charmer treats some locals to a quick trick in a convenient store. First he changes the lettering on a package of candy by waving his hand over the candy. Then he shakes the images of the candies from off of the package and into his hand. The awestruck spectator keeps saying "no, no, no, no, no, no, no" which we presume is the British equivalent to "OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!"

Then Troy does a card trick in a parking lot because he's a magician and magicians do card tricks. He has a young couple each pick a card from his deck and show it to the camera - but not him. He places a sticker on the woman's card and then rubs his hand over the card (we're noticing a trend here Troy, hands, rubbing. hmmm…) and both the card and the sticker disappear and then reappear on the window of a nearby car. Oh but the card that appears on the window of the car, wasn't the card that the woman chose. No worries. Since Troy's into a lot of rubbing this season, he takes his hand and rubs it along the window of the car to change the 2 of spades into the queen of diamonds, which was the woman's card of choice.

Troy continues his magical trek through London and heads to a record store. He has a woman write her name on one of the records and then asks her to think of an instrument. She chooses a guitar. Troy then breaks the record and the girls don't know whether to politely slink away or keep watching. Luckily they kept watching because all that record breaking formed both a COOL guitar silhouette within the side of the broken record as well as a permeant soft spot in one gal's heart for Troy.

Moving on, Troy and his friends Big Troy (yes, his name is Troy too but he's taller so…yeah, Big Troy) and Ice plan a little getaway to Barcelona. While on the beach, Troy treats some kids to a magic show. He takes a bite out of one girl's ice cream bar by taking a bite out of the air. Next, Troy does a trick for some grown ups on the beach. He has a woman look out into the water and concentrate on a single image in her mind. As she's focusing he draws the image he believes that she's thinking of in the sand- because he's Troy and he can read minds, it's a part of his charm. Without looking at what he's drawn in the sand, Troy asks the woman to sketch what she imagined. And although the woman's a bit of a novice sand artist compared to Troy, they were on the same wavelength. Two whales. One stunned woman.

Next up Troy - a football super fan - takes a private tour of Barcelona's most famous arena. He takes one of the jersey's hanging nearby and shows the other tourists that there's nothing on the back of the jersey. Troy then asks one of the tourists to name a player on Barcelona's team as well as his number. Troy shakes the shirt and turns it around. What was once a blank jersey now says "Aguero 16". Troy continues his tour of the arena by playing his version of musical chairs with a young couple. He asks the woman to choose one of the seats randomly and she does. He then asks her to reach under her seat and when she does she pulls out a card that reads "You will choose this seat". A 1 in 4 chance isn't bad but Troy wants to up the odds, so he takes the couple outside the arena which holds 99,000 seats. He asks both of them to choose one seat - anywhere they want - at random out of the 99,000 seats. When the guy chooses his seat Troy instructs the man's girlfriend to open up the card, which is actually an envelope (unbeknownst to her the entire time), that she retrieved from the bottom of her chair, earlier. Inside the envelope is the exact location of the random seat that the man chose! And that's how you end a season with a bang.