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Episode Recap: Episode 7: Bad Dreams

Troy performs his spookiest trick ever. But what is it?


Troy, his tattoos and dimples are back - and so are his super cool magic tricks! Shall we?…"X" marks the spot in Troy's first trick of the episode. He uses a marker to draw an "x" on a gentleman's hand. Troy then removes the letter like it's no big deal and then tosses it up into the air and makes it land inside of the gentleman's palm. 

Thoroughly pleased with himself Troy goes shopping. A self proclaimed trainer addict Troy asks some fellow shoppers to help him design his own sneakers, because why not? First Troy draws a silhouette of a shoe. He then stands back to back with a guy who - randomly - colors in Troy's drawing and then dumps each marker into a random bag with a pair of shoes inside. The guy does not tell Troy which colors he's using. Later when Troy asks the guy's friend to open up the box of shoes that's in the bag with the markers… you guessed it. The sneakers match Troy's drawing and the guy's random coloring, perfectly. Mind, blown.

Later, Troy buys some incense and then turns a coin from his change into chocolate. But since he doesn't like dark chocolate he decides to spit it out and turn the "chocolate" back into a coin. Mind, blown. Again. Continuing his trek through London, our boy wonder heads to the Natural History Museum. He treats the kids to some magic because Troy loves the kids. First the group rub their hands together to create energy that they transfer to the skeleton of a monkey. And because this is a magic show, it works. But because Troy's an overachiever, he takes the trick one step further. He holds a sign up to the glass of the skeleton exhibit and asks the kids to "focus". And when he removes the sign…the monkey is alive! Magic, ya'll.

Later in the evening, Troy puts the kids to bed and does some magic for some ladies. Because, water is wet and Troy is Troy. He asks one woman to turn on the flashlight app on her and he then takes the light from the phone and puts it in his hand. Next, he shuffles the light from his right hand to his left because he can do stuff like that. He's Troy of Troy: Street Magic, dammit. Continuing his light show, Troy takes his act to a rave where he encounters a few guys dressed up as rangers - because it's a rave and why not. He takes the "glow" out of a glow sitck and puts it into his eye. Ranger minds, blown.