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Episode Recap: Episode 8: Time Bending Magic

Ping-Pong clubs, movie theaters and go-kart tracks. Best birthday party locales AND the sites of Troy’s latest tricks.


Hey Troy, hey. In this episode Troy continues to surprise and inspire the people of London with his magic. He starts things off by simply running his hand along a girl's headphones, which magically swaps the headphones with his shoelace.

The fun continues when Troy heads to a local pancake house. He interrupts (not that they mind) a group of friends to ask one of the guys to draw on a napkin - he does. Troy then instructs the guy to ball up the napkin so that the drawing isn't visible. And Troy then asks the other friends to ball up several other napkins and then mix up the pile to keep things interesting, of course. Then the group grabs a handful of balled up napkins and Troy grabs a fork - but not to eat, silly. He then asks the group to toss the napkins in the air - confetti style. When they do, Troy stabs at and catches one napkin - mid air - in his fork. Care to guess which napkin he grabbed?…Yep. The one that the guy drew on.

After breakfast, Troy heads to a candy store to grab a snack but inevitably ends up doing a magic trick for a pretty girl. Of course. He takes a red Starburst and places it in the girl's hand and asks her to cover the candy with her other hand. Troy then retrieves another Starburst - green - although he wanted another red. But no problem, Troy simply rubs his finger along the green piece of candy, turning the packaging red, right before the giggling girl's eyes.

Troy continues to get his flirt on with another pretty girl. He blows her a kiss and asks her to catch it. She does because, she clearly (based on her frequent giggling) thinks that Troy is pretty too. Troy then asks her if she has any money and a tube of lipstick. She does. Troy then asks her to pucker up as he tries to draw her lips on the paper bill. He then rubs the "kiss" off the bill and blows it back to the girl. She catches it and when she opens her hand, she's amazed to see Troy's hand-drawn lip print in her palm! He could have just asked for her number, but we guess, this works too.

Next, Troy tries to bend time with a card trick. One girl shuffles the card while her friend selects a card - 8 of diamonds - from the top to the pile. Troy then places the card into the middle of the deck and with a shake of his wrist, he turns over the card at the top of the pile and it's the 8 of diamonds. the same card that was previously on top a few seconds earlier. Get it? Previous? As in the moment before. Time shifting magic (sort of)! In case the girls thought there was any funny business going on, Troy decides to prove that that particular card is the only 8 of diamonds he has in the pack. Troy has the same girl sign her name on the card and then repeats the trick but this time he puts the deck in both girls' hands and asks them to shake their wrists. They do so until he stops them, asks them to open their hands and reveals that the entire deck of cards is back inside of a brand new pack that has never been opened. Oh and of course, when Troy breaks the seal and opens the brand new pack of cards, the girl's signed card is right on top.

Later, Troy's magic takes a more dangerous turn when he visits a local race track. He has tires stacked around him all the way to the top of his head and then has a driver drive into the stack of tires with him inside. Upon impact, the tires come crashing down, but where's Troy?! In the driver's seat of the car of course.