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Episode Recap: Episode 9: Sushi Magic

Troy treats diners at a Japanese restaurant to a meal they'll never forget (translation: Sushi magic).


The third new episode of the season is a charm (naturally) and Troy celebrates the occasion by heading back to his hometown of Lewishamto put on a show for some local marketers. Our favorite magician (not by default in any way) does a coin trick for two friends. One guy holds a 10 pence and a 1 pence (better known as 10p and 1p to locals and cool kids like us) coin in his closed fist, while Troy instructs the other friend -we'll call him "thinking friend" - to think of one of the coins and Troy will challenge himself to draw the right one from the fist of "closed fist friend" - and he does. The friends are amused - but wait, there's more! … Although Troy pulled the correct coin from the hand of "closed fist friend" - the 1p - Troy passes his fingers over the coin and voila it turns into a 10p right before their eyes. And in doing so, Troy also manages to place the 10p back into "closed fist" friend's hand. The friends are amused times two.

Next up Troy decides to combine his two loves, food and magic. Marry us Troy. He and his friend Sammy go out to eat at a local Japanese restaurant to eat and fill in the blank ______. *Hint: Talk to girls. To impress his captive audience, Troy takes seaweed, rice and salmon and then cups his hands around the ingredients. Meanwhile, one of the girls holds on to a bamboo table mat, which Troy has rolled up, in both of her hands. A few moments later, they unwrap the bamboo matt that was once empty and a roll of sushi is inside. Dig in! Continuing with the "something out of nothing" theme, when the bill comes, Troy takes one of the girl's notes and asks her to think of a small animal that could be rolled up inside and he instructs her to not tell him which tiny animal she's thinking about. Because Troy is cool like that. He reads her mind and creates an origami crab which is precisely the creature she was thinking of. Cool, but the trick gets even cooler when he places his hand over the paper and the crab comes alive.

Later, Troy gets cultured and heads to an art gallery to interrupt the silence and do some magic. He has the group take out their phones and search for a word on the Internet and find images associated with the words. One guy chose the word animal. Troy instructs him to browse through his phone and without looking select an image and show it to the crowd and himself but NOT to Troy and the camera. Troy then takes the guy for a walk around the gallery telling him to keep the phone close to his chest. Troy tells the guy to look behind him and there is a bird painting, identical to the one the guy randomly and blindly chose on his phone, in the gallery.

Rounding out this episode of Troy's bag-o-magic, our magician heads out on the town and asks to borrow a girl's phone and a pair of headphones. He cautions that there have been fake iPhones on the market. He tests that theory by pushing the head phone jack through the phone. Now he's either super strong on a super magician. Our guess is the latter.