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Episode Recap: All Old Things Must Pass: Part 1

The team arrive on Arriopa to take down Lazaro. A face from the past unexpectedly returns.


Our heroes had just reconciled and boarded the Winnipeg and set course for Arriopa, to defeat the ascendant Lazaro. While they scheme their attack, they also indulge in some of the devil's water — which, arguably, is not the best combination for coming up with well thought out plans. After Isaac orders takeout as a cure for his munchies, the Intergalactic Parking Authority that's been dogging our heroes storms the ship in pursuit of the unpaid parking tickets.

The debt collectors are there to impound the ship and arrest its owners — and, understandably, our heroes don't want to go. They buy some time by offering to ply a few of the guests with snacks, this case soup. Unrelated, one of the collectors (Lloyd) is suffering from "the flu" and is keeling over on the main deck. When a power surge shudders through the ship and kills the lights, a single shot is fired, and it kills, guess who, sickly Lloyd. Now, the ship is a murder crime scene, and this chapter has turned into an Agatha Christie whodunit.

A heated argument ensues, and solves little, and then the group find another dead body on the floor of an exit portal; this one's named Khan. Another argument ensues when the parking enforcers look out a window and find: their ship's been taken. When they all return to the main deck, they find that Lloyd's body's gone missing. That's strange. Stranger? Another dead enforcer's body flops out of a utility closet. Oh wait, it's Lloyd.

The ship controller that was in Khan's possession is now missing. The parking enforcer in charge is able to track the controller on her tablet, only it must be faulty because it locates the device on the Peggy. Just at that moment the doorbell rings, heralding the delivery guy with the food that Isaac ordered earlier. He's asking to use the bathroom on the ship (long trip) and Isaac obliges… and then locks him in the loo to keep him from learning too much about the dead bodies. The survivors then pair up and split up to search for the roving device.

Two of the enforcers while poking around the underbelly of the ship find a trap door that leads to… the bathroom. (In case you need to go, but don't want anyone to know.) When they arrive at the other end, they find the delivery man murdered. He had dropped his last package, so to speak. When the ringleader tries to call the Admiralty, Elida shoots the phone out of her grasp. While that's going on, another enforcer is taken down. That leaves six.

Down in the basement, the perpetrator reveals itself to be some sort of arachnid-like alien, a space bug. The survivors arm themselves and set out to exterminator the intruder. They find it crawling around the basement on yet another rampage. Elida fires a shot… and misses. Meanwhile, on the deck, Isaac is chatting with his partner on how to get back to the Milky Way when one of the corpses comes back to life and shoots her. Isaac flees, and the whole team reconvenes in the control room. Amae has a theory: What Lloyd had wasn't flu, but rather was hosting a parasite in his body that hatched. That creature then went around the ship implanting eggs in all the others. Meaning now there's a small family of those creepy crawlers lurking about. Fun!

Elida, Amae, and Isaac snap back into usual form, and take on the resurrected offspring en masse. But the lead parking enforcer manages to slip away and get impregnated by the mamma parasite in the basement. Just then, the power runs out, and Winniebot shuts down, and our heroes have to skulk around in the dark, making the hunt for the progenitor ever more treacherous. They manage to zap the alien in the head with a taser, and it drops like a lead balloon. Amae pokes around the intruder's insides for the remote control to the Parking Authority ship, finds it, and deactivates it, which brings back power, and much needed oxygen, to Peggy.

The heroes eject the corpses into space and continue on their previously scheduled destination of Arriopa. Isaac reveals a little consolation prize leftover from the night's murder spree: two tickets to Lazaro's ball, which one of the parking enforcers had and obviously has no more use for. Then the team get a transmission from the monarchists: the rebels are planning to bomb Arriopa. That might collide with their plan of a stealth mission.