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Episode Recap: All Old Things Must Pass: Part 2

Know what this is about?


When General Dessai learns of Lazaro's assassinating the other heads of state, she doubles down on Mission Kablooey (aka blowing up the Arriopian capital). Back at the scene of the crime, some admiralty guards give chase to Elida, whose presence in the capital vexes Lazaro — so much so that he can't finish his celebratory glass of wine. 

Meanwhile, in the underground tunnels of the palace building, Amae and Isaac (disguised as guards) pretend to escort one of the loyalists to the prison. They end up crossing paths with real admiralty guards escorting Xevelyn out, a firefight ensues, and Xevelyn is commended into the protective arms of her saviors. When they have a spare minute, Xevelyn transmits to Dessai's ship with a plea: stand down. 
Unfortunately, Lazaro has hijacked the minds of Dessai and her crew, and ordered them to square off in space, and launch their missiles not at Arriopa — but at each other. The fleet exploded in a conflagration of destruction. In the backstreets of Arriopa, Elida and Xevelyn finally reunite (after Xevelyn impales a swordsman before he can do battle with Elida). It's a moment. 

Together the group plan their next move. Elida will act as bait to draw Lazaro, and then… destroy the Steerzad. First, they need to find the laboratory where the Steerzad is being held. So, Elida takes off solo to search for Lazo, while Amae, Isaac, and Xevelyn search underground for the lab. And outside, Chaz and other reinforcements arrive, just in the nick of time too. 

Team #2 finds the laboratory and the scientist in charge of the operation, who thinks their plan to destroy the Steerzad is 100% bonkers. She even presses them at gunpoint when other lab attendants enter the room. She's being controlled by Lazo big time!

Amae comes rushing to Elida in the throne room, beckoning her back to the lab. When they get there, Amae grabs Elida's knife, and stabs her with it. Looks like Amae was under Lazaro's control, too. And not just Amae, but Isaac and Xevelyn, too. He orders Xevelyn to tell Elida the story of how twenty years ago she poisoned her father, the king, in order to suppress a revolt in which Lazaro participated. After that bitter pill, Lazaro uses the Steerzad to direct Elida to remove the knife from her belly. 

Or does he? Because when he directs Elida to slice her own throat, she demurs and instead slices the Steerzad energy collector he's wearing like a medallion (the ostentatious weasel). Looks like Elida is immune to the Steerzad! The vessel goes flying, and Lazaro runs after it, but only after shooting the scientist. 

Elida goes to hunt Lazaro down, while the others try to access the ship Lazaro was going to use to hopscotch around the universe wreaking havoc. She finds him outside on the steps of the palace, and they have a kickass fight scene. While they're doing that, Amae and the team are at ship bay brainstorming ways to destroy the Steerzad. Amae hits on the idea: They use the Steerzard to propel the ship somewhere, and then loop back the charge to destroy the engine — like a short circuit. Which means that they can both destroy the Steerzad, and send Isaac back to Earth. A two-for-oney! 

While Amae is nerding out, Elida is on the steps of the palace waging an all-out fight with Lazaro. He hits her, she hits him, and it looks like she might be down for the count when… she takes his scalding blade and plunges it into his back. He begs for a reprieve, and she gives him a shot in the face. Done deal. 

Elida rejoins the team and prepares to destroy the Steerzad. But Xevelyn has misgivings about the plan. She wants to keep the Steerzad around to restore peace; but Elida knows it can only lead to destruction. She and Isaac have a teary goodbye chat, they hug, it's moving. But it's a little premature: Xevelyn and her loyalist henchman retake the Steerzad, hop in the ship, and blast off into who-knows-where. Oh, and Amae was on the ship with them. Oh, and they're headed for Earth.