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Episode Recap: Coming Back

While Vanessa searches for her missing daughter, a murder mystery plays out in the humans' stronghold.


Rebecca is enjoying some quality bedroom time with her human lover, who ends up getting devoured after he climaxes perhaps a bit too soon for her liking. Watching this erotic and grotesque display from the vents is Sheema, a member of the Portland Human Resistance (and, as we'll later discover, Mohamad's sister).

Sheema returns to the secret headquarters of the Resistance, where Campbell is trying to rile up his followers to take action against the vampires. In fact, they should strike First National Bank, where all the weapons and blades have been stashed! Everyone thinks it's a crazy plan, as it's too well-guarded … except for Sheema, who might know another way into the building …

Back at the hospital, Doc is slowly but surely re-adjusting to life as a human again. Flesh is still having a hard time of it, and his latest nightmare turns into real terror when he wakes up to the sight of young Cynthia hanging by her neck. Upon examining the body, Doc discovers that she was strangled, then hung … and one of her fingers has been cut (or chewed) off, taken perhaps as a trophy.

So Cynthia was murdered. Who did it?
Vanessa's not going to wait to find out, as she's set a fire to set off the fire alarm, the perfect diversion to allow her to get out of there and start looking for her daughter, Dylan. Mohamad meets her at the door and convinces her to let him go with her so he can look for his sister, after which he provides the proper code to open the locking mechanism. After putting out the fire, Axel realizes he's been hornswoggled and runs to the door, though Vanessa and Mohamad are long gone.

Axel's ready to go after Vanessa, but Doc convinces him that priority is to find out who killed Cynthia. Axel first tries to get a reading on Sam, to whom he gives a goodbye note left by Mohamad. Sam, in the first words we've heard him speak, admits that he's scared. Axel admits that he is, too.

In the cafeteria, Axel breaks the news to everyone that Cynthia was murdered, after which everyone starts accusing everyone else, with the non-present Mohamad ultimately emerging as the number-one suspect. This doesn't sit well with Sam and he gets in John's face, which is rather terrifying.

Later, the survivors gather at the chute to say goodbye to Cynthia, with a heartbroken Nicole saying a prayer before releasing the body into the void. Afterwards, Flesh meets up with Sam for dishes duty, during which Flesh describes what it's like to become a vampire. It doesn't sound too bad, especially the part involving senses being heightened and old injuries being cured. Sam, who can neither hear nor speak (very well, anyway), is intrigued.

Meanwhile, Vanessa and Mohamad make it to Vanessa's old apartment, where all they find is traces of Vanessa's epic fight with Balthazar … and a couple of canned peaches in the cabinet. After Vanessa has a good cry over Dylan in her bedroom, she joins Mohamad at the dinner table for the tasty treat. As they prepare to leave, Vanessa unpacks her old 12-gauge (a gift from her Second Amendment-loving ex-husband) … and notices bloody footprints on the ground, leading to the front door. Dylan got out!

En route to the police station to see if they can find any further Dylan-related clues, Vanessa and Axel come across a group of humans, led by a man named Brendan, being terrorized by ferals. Vanessa makes short work of them and succumbs to her maternal instincts when she sees that one of the survivors is a little girl named Callie. Vanessa assures them that she'll take them all to the hospital and safety … a plan that doesn't exactly thrill Mohamad.

Word of Vanessa's impromptu rescue mission has traveled fast as Gustov scurries to Julius' compound to let him know that 'the woman' is near. Julius gives the order to capture her so she can be taken to Dmitri, though Julius' mama, a vampire herself, tells him to keep Vanessa for himself and use her to reclaim his rightful place in the vampire hierarchy. Julius ponders this as he feasts on bloody human organs.

Meanwhile, Vanessa and Mohamad are preparing to take the survivors to the hospital when they hear vampires signaling each other, planning an attack. Vanessa tells Mohamad to get the humans to safety while she stays behind to face the bloodsuckers herself. Mohamad succeeds, and Axel is none too thrilled to be having all these extra mouths to feed.

Vanessa puts up a good fight but ultimately she's outnumbered and overpowered by the vampires. The muzzle her and tie her to a metal grating, marching her to Julius' nightmarish lair.

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