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Episode Recap: Fear Her

Vanessa gets a blast from the past while captured in the vampire stronghold. Plus: The serial killer revealed?


Things aren't going so well at the hospital as Axel is feeling put-upon for now being responsible for the well-being of Brendan's group of survivors … a task all the more stressful now that the water supply is running dangerously low. Things get even worse when Roger, the wounded medic, ends up dead, one of his fingers missing just like Cynthia. The killer has struck again!

So who is ths killer? Brendan immediately takes action, locking Axel and the gang in Doc's old cage. Brendan commiserates with his group and they decide that the only way to protect themselves from the killer is to exile every single suspect. Mohamad takes one for the team and confesses to the killings, even though everyone — including Brendan — knows it's a bunch of B.S. Still, Brendan has to thin the herd if his group is going to survive, and tossing Mohamad to the outside world makes for an effective first step.

Meanwhile, Mohamad's sister Sheema has managed to infiltrate Rebecca's lair, where she steals a set of blueprints. Unfortunately, Rebecca catches her before she can make her getaway, though Sheema is shocked when the lady vampire actually lets her go. Hmm … what's Rebecca's game?

No matter, for now. Sheema takes the blueprints to the Portland Resistance, where it's revealed that the First National Bank that contains a stockade of weapons can be infiltrated via an underground tunnel system. As Sheema is quite the tunnel rat, she's the perfect gal for the job!

Meanwhile, Vanessa's been taken to Julius' lair, where she's reunited with an old friend: her neighbor, Susan. Susan's now a vampire, and a pretty mean one, at that; as she fights Vanessa in front of Julius' bloodthirsty pack, she claims she killed Dylan and drank her dry. Furious, Vanessa bites Susan on the neck, which turns her back into a human. So, the rumors of this woman's powers are true!

The vampires are a bit freaked out, and Vanessa takes advantage of their fear and hesitation to turn tail and take off with Susan. Julius orders his minions to give pursuit, though they're reluctant to follow their prey into the sewer.

Hmm … what's in the sewer? Something not nice to either human or vampire, as one of the Julius' bloodsuckers gets snatched into the darkness by an unseen force. Yikes!

Vanessa and Susan take a breather, which allows Susan to tell her what really happened to Dylan. After Vanessa, uh, died, Dylan came to Susan's apartment, where Susan called both 911 and Dylan's dad. The police took Dylan away, but Susan was turned before she could find out what happened after that.

The episode ends with a growl and a hiss coming from the darkness, followed by Vanessa and Susan running from the sight of two glowing eyes. Dear lord ... WHAT'S IN THE SEWER?

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