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Episode Recap: For Me

It's all-out war as Vanessa and her allies must defend their home against a vampire army.


Dmitri's treating Dr. Sholomenko to a nice steak dinner when he starts inquiring about Rebecca and her new 'human companion': Sheema, whom the doc says Rebecca treats like a pet. This brings up the issue of loyalty … the doctor is indeed loyal, yes?

Dinner's soon ruined upon the entrance of some vampire stooge who brings word of Julius' plan to capture Vanessa and keep her for himself. An indignant Dmitri crushes the stooge's skull, spewing blood and brain matter all over the doc's plate. Bon appetit, dummy!

Meanwhile, Mohamad is doing the best he can out in the streets, though witnessing a pack of vampires maul and mutilate Catherine doesn't do much for his morale. With her dying breath, Catherine tells him that she got separated from Brendan and little Callie. Are they alive or dead?

Speaking of which, Vanessa seems to be doing a tightrope act between the two as her condition continues to get worse. Why isn't she healing from the nasty bite she got from the sewer creature? With a little help from John, Doc finds out: a vampire tooth lodged in her leg. Doc removes it and Vanessa seems to be on the mend.

It's a good thing, too, 'cause Julius is indeed planning to storm the castle, er, hospital. He and his warriors psyche themselves up by smearing blood all over the faces in some sort of primitive ritual, but Axel's booby traps end up being too much for them as they're impaled, shot, crushed and blown up on the well-fortified escalators.

Julius plans to regroup and attack again but he ends up retreating when he sees the approaching army of The Elite, the personal battle squad of Dmitri himself. The Elite manage to get all the way to main floor, where only a hallway lit with UV lights separates the humans in the lab from the vampires.

Everyone despairs at the sight of Balthazar, the vampire who killed Vanessa … and whom she inadvertently turned back into a human. Balthazar has remained loyal to Dmitri's cause in his human state, and he comes in handy when there are UV lights to smash.

Nicole gets separated from the group and ends up killing herself rather than be torn apart by The Elite. Axel and the rest of the survivors go through the KEEP OUT door that almost killed Callie, behind which is a stairwell that leads to the ground floor garage … and a sweet tricked-out ambulance, gassed up and ready for the apocalypse.

The gang speeds off in search of a new home just as Axel activates one last surprise: an explosion that takes out most of the hospital … and most if not all of The Elite.

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