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Episode Recap: He's Coming

To find her daughter, Vanessa must infiltrate a vampire compound where she gets a whopper of a surprise.


What fresh hell is this? Sam is chasing Vanessa and Mohamad through the woods, and they only get away because Sam - even as a vampire - is afraid of water. "I'll find you … I'll kill you!" he bellows to them from across a stream. Sweet Jesus.

Mohamad leads Vanessa to a long-abandoned Washington State Parks cabin, where he spent some time as a Boy Scout. There, they play their next move: Get to the camp where Sheema is being held and bust her out, and hope that Vanessa's daughter Dylan is there, too. As they sack out for the night, Vanessa asks Mohamad what Sam meant by "Tell her the truth!" when they were preparing to execute him. Mohamad says it was just Sam begging for his life, but something in Mohamad's demeanor makes us feel like he's hiding something …

The next morning, Sam arrives at the cabin, though Vanessa and Mohamad are long gone. Unfortunately, they left the illustration that maps out their journey to the camp, and Sam is once again in hot pursuit. He catches up to them and attacks, knocking Vanessa unconscious. Sam stalks Mohamad, telling him that they could still be together … he could, after all, bite him and turn him! Vanessa comes to the rescue and shoots Sam in the face with flare gun, sending him retreating into the woods.

Dear lord, this is stressful.

Meanwhile, Magdalena has led Julius to Eden, though all of the human denizens seem to have skipped town. Someone must've warned them of their arrival; Julius decides that someone is Magdalena and shoots her with an arrow. The vampires burn Eden to the ground as Flesh, Theo and the other Edenites march through the night, searching for new digs.

Flesh gets separated from the group in the woods, though he soon runs into an old friend: Brendan! Brendan takes Flesh to a heavily fortified camp of Resistance members, where he's brought before Taka. Taka has set a bomb to take out the electricity surrounding The Citadel with the help of a mysterious mole inside the fortress, but it seems he needs one more item before setting his plan in motion. "Where is Vanessa?" he asks Flesh.

Back at the vampire camp, Julius is summoned by Dmitri and he heads off to The Citadel, leaving his Mama to run things. Scab brings her Sam, who's now blind and near-feral from his flare gun wounds and lack of blood. Mama at first wants him killed but becomes intrigued when Scab tells her that he saw Sam as a human at the hospital … with Vanessa. Mama feeds Sam human blood, which cures his blindness and makes him coherent again. "Tell me about the woman," she demands.

Sheesh … everyone wants Vanessa! And no one more than Dmitri, it seems. He's disappointed in Julius for catching Vanessa but failing to keep her, which gets Julius all indignant. He takes a shot at Dmitri but Dmitri throws him across the room, reminding him who's boss. Dmitri then mentions The Elders, a vampire faction that Julius thought no longer existed. Dmitri tells Julius to restore his faith in him … and he will show him the truth!

Vampire politics. So heated! Not as heated as Julius himself, though, when he returns to camp and finds his sweet Mama murdered, presumably by Sam, who's nowhere to be found. Vampire rage!

Meanwhile, Vanessa and Mohamad attack a couple of members of the Red Brigade, humans who have sworn allegiance to the vampire cause. They steal their uniforms and vehicle, gaining access to the nightmarish camp. They split up, with Mohamad looking for Sheema and Vanessa going to the area where they supposedly keep the kids.

Vanessa traverses a dimly-lit industrial nightmare of blood, severed body parts and people wrapped in cocoon-like hammocks … human blood bags! She battles a big ol' vampire butcher, who pulls her puny kitana out of his stomach like it's nothing. He knocks her out and drags her into his lair to be, well, butchered, but luckily she comes to and electrocutes his sorry ass. Whew!

Vanessa enters a room full of bunk beds, where she comes across an elderly human woman. When Vanessa inquires about Dylan, the woman tells her that they don't keep children in the camp … only the old and the sick! This is a blood farm!

Crap … did Mohamad set Vanessa up? It would appear so, as an alarm goes off when Vanessa backtracks to the truck. She sees Mohamad suddenly hit with a spotlight … followed by Dmitri and his minions emerging from the shadows, surrounding Vanessa. Dmitri compliments Mohamad on his well-played treachery, with a distraught Mohamad telling an enraged Vanessa that he had no choice. Vanessa charges Dmitri, who easily catches her in mid-air by the throat. "You look just like your mother!" he exclaims.


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