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Episode Recap: It Begins

Get ready for some game-changing reveals as Vanessa fights for her life amongst the vampires.


Vanessa's in a tight spot. She's now the prisoner of Dmitri, who's got big plans for her. They're gonna poke and prod her till the cows come home, experimenting with her blood and eggs so vampires can walk around in daylight and procreate and all kinds of nightmarish stuff.

But Dmitri's not all about the promises of pain and humiliation and exploitation. He's also got info on Vanessa's true identity: she's a Van Helsing, descendent of Abraham Van Helsing, the fearless vampire killer (from, you know, Dracula).

As Vanessa grapples with this bizarre identity crisis, Dr. Sholomenko commences with preparations for all these gruesome experiments. He also subtly loosens one of her bonds, telling her to be patient and wait for her chance. He then …

Wait a minute, back up. Is the doc helping Vanessa escape? Is he not such a jerk after all?

Nah, it's all a set-up. Vanessa breaks free and wastes a couple of vampire guards, but Dmitri is waiting for her in the hallway. He wanted to give Vanessa a taste of sweet freedom … and then take it away. It's all part of the plan to break her spirit.


Meanwhile, Mohamad has been rewarded for handing Vanessa over to Dmitri by being reunited with his sister Sheema. Mohamad is haunted by his betrayal … and disturbed to discover that Sheema likes being Rebecca's pet. She gets to live in comfort and safety … why would she want to return to the outside world?

Elsewhere, tensions are running high as Dmitri, Rebecca and Antanasia sit around the dinner table, sipping on blood soup. Antanasia seems to be in Dmitri's favor, though Rebecca hides her jealousy with coyness when Dmitri asks if there's any news on the Resistance. Antanasia is amused, saying she loves watching the two of them lie to each other. Hot drama!

Meanwhile, Vanessa is chained up and refusing to drink the blood that's been offered to her as sustenance. Mohamad visits her, expressing his distress about Sheema having sold her soul … and him, therefore, selling his for nothing. Vanessa tells him to get lost, but before he goes, he gives her a switchblade in the hopes that she might be able to use it to escape.

It seems that Vanessa's got another way out in mind as she stabs herself in the torso. She hangs from her chains, bleeding profusely, waiting for death …

Except Vanessa can't die, at least not that way, as she's got those Wolverine healing powers and all. As she recovers on a gurney, Dmitri tells her about her heritage, generations of vampire hunters from throughout the centuries. Vanessa's mother was quite the warrior, apparently, but when she learned the 'truth' about Vanessa's father, she tried to stop the birth. After Vanessa was born, her mother hid her away.

Hmm … what was the 'truth' about Vanessa's father? Our guess is that he was a vampire … but who was he, exactly?

Vanessa later starts embracing her vampire side as she finally gives into the tempting bowl of blood left for her in her cell. She drinks from it ravenously, and the blood has a powerful effect on her … so powerful that she's able to crush her bedpost with the slightest grip.

Elsewhere, Taka has once again infiltrated The Citadel, and he's greeted by his mysterious hooded mole: Rebecca! It would appear that she's in cahoots with the Resistance and insists that The Citadel must be attacked tomorrow - an act that we're assuming would de-throne Dmitri and put Rebecca in power. In return for his services, Taka and his followers will get their very own island that's off-limits to vampires.

Taka, the poor fool, believes her, and tells the Resistance the time is nigh. When they take The Citadel, the plan is to kill anything and anyone inside … including Vanessa, who's now a liability. This doesn't sit well with Flesh, who plans on rescuing his friend. He's just going to have to get to her before anyone else …

Back at The Citadel, Mohamad is packing Sheema's bag, hoping to convince her to leave with him. Sheema's not going anywhere, though; in fact, she's going to help the vampires defend The Citadel against the Resistance! To punctuate her point, she hits her brother on the head with a candle holder, knocking him out cold. (Sorry, Mohamad - we love you, but you kind of had that coming.)

Elsewhere, a rather healthy-looking Vanessa is being prepared to receive Dmitri's seed and, in theory, give birth to a vampire baby that actually survives. Rebecca's not having any of it, claiming Vanessa's just going to be bring about the end of all vampires, for which she gets a slap across the face from Dmitri. Vanessa counters by suddenly attacking Dmitri, embracing her legacy as a fearless vampire killer and pulling out a good chunk of his stomach. Yes!

Dmitri stumbles out of the room, bellowing in pain as Vanessa and Rebecca face off. Time for girlfighting!

Just then, Taka's bomb goes boom and the Resistance storms the castle. Rebecca flees with Vanessa in hot pursuit as Taka finds the wounded Dmitri. He's about to put him out of his misery when Dmitri asks him what Rebecca has promised him. Dmitri laughs when Taka mentions Fox Island, which apparently doesn't exist. Never trust Rebecca! Dmitri tells Taka he can offer him more, much more … which is enough for Taka to shoot Brendan when he walks in, insisting that he kill Dmitri.

Oh, Taka. Sold your soul like a jackass.

The first season of Van Helsing comes to an end with not one but two doozies. First, Vanessa catches up to Rebecca, and Rebecca reveals her ace card: Vanessa's daughter, Dylan! "Hello, mother," says the vampire girl. Argh!!

Second, we scoot back to The Farm, where a lone figure emerges from the pipeline and into daylight. Yep, it's Axel … who's now a vampire, too. Argh!!

On to Season 2! 

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