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Episode Recap: Last Time

With the killer revealed, it's Vanessa vs. her former friend.


There's major tension in the vampire ranks as Julius is quite disappointed in Magdalena for not delivering the human baby he was looking forward to eating. A terrified Magdalena tells him that her arrangement with Eden is now null and void thanks to the meddling of Vanessa, which raises Julius' ire all the more. Maybe he'd feel better if he and his vampire goons just descend upon Eden and tear the whole place down? Julius' mom approves, and plans to march on the would-be utopia are set.

There's even greater tension amongst the higher-ups as Dmitri is tired of waiting for Rebecca to deliver on her promise to find a way for vampires to walk around in daylight. Rebecca believes the key lies with Vanessa, though Dmitri refuses her request for an Elite squad to track her down. Apparently, he's made his own arrangements to capture Vanessa …

Meanwhile, Vanessa, Susan, Mohamad and Sam have made it to Susan's family farm, where Susan is heartbroken to find a grave with her mother's name on it in the backyard. She could care less about where her estranged father might be, but he soon reveals himself as a feral that attacks Strider, a horse that up until then had managed to survive the vampire apocalypse. The gang chains up dear old Dad in the barn, where Susan puts him out of his misery with a shotgun blast to the head. "Closure!" she exclaims, trembling with rage over the memories of the abuse her father wrought upon her and her mother over the years.

Susan's just about had it with all this apocalypse stuff and retreats to the woods for a good cry. Sam, who's looking even more intimidating after shaving his head and beard, appears and attempts to comfort her … and then proceeds to strangle her to death. The severing of one of Susan's fingers confirms once and for all that Sam is indeed the mystery killer.

A suspicious Mohamad finds Sam's collection of severed fingers in his pack, after which Sam confesses to the murder of Susan. Vanessa is furious, angrily asking Sam why he did it. "It's who I am, since I was a boy," says Sam, and Vanessa leads him into the woods for execution. Sam begins frantically signing with the heartbroken Mohamad, which prompts him to attack his former friend in anger. Vanessa opts to leave Sam to die a slow death in the woods, slicing the back of his knees with Mohamad's machete to keep him from getting too far from any hungry vampires that might show up.

Back at the farm, Vanessa and Mohamad bury Susan next to her beloved mother. As they contemplate heading to the rumored sanctuary of Denver, they hear what sounds like the death moans of Sam … which is actually him crying out as he's bitten by a feral. Sam turns into a vampire (and subsequently heals from his wounds), and Vanessa and Mohamad seek the shelter of the house as they hear him bellowing, "I can hear you!" Sam arrives at Susan's grave, where he digs up the body and begins to feast.

Holy crap!

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