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Episode Recap: Little Thing

As Vanessa and company attempt to find a new home, tensions explode and not everyone survives.


Sheema has been taken under Rebecca's wing, which means she gets to sleep in a nice room with a nice bed, eat nice apples and look at a nice pretty birdie in a cage. Things go from idyllic to nightmarish when Rebecca shows her new ward the other side of the tracks: a room where a screaming woman gives birth to a stillborn infant. This is the latest failure in experimenting with vampires being able to reproduce (they currently can't); the increasingly hapless Doctor Sholomenko is chastised and the poor surrogate mother is dragged away to be a 'feed bag.'

Rebecca tells Sheema to obey her without question or end up as a 'vessel,' to which Sheema says you betcha. Smart response, Sheema.  

Meanwhile, Sheema's brother Mohamad has commandeered a bike and is hot on the trail of Vanessa and the others. He makes short work of some vampires along the way, but a broken chain eventually forces him to continue his journey on foot. He constructs a makeshift tent and gazes at a photo of Vanessa, swearing he's going to find her, no matter what it takes.

Huh. Does Mohamad have a thing for Vanessa? Hey, you definitely can't blame the guy.

Elsewhere, Vanessa, Axel and the rest of the survivors are on the road in their tricked-out Mad Max ambulance named Wanda. A pit stop at a run-down restaurant results in scoring some gasoline from an abandoned vehicle … and brings the sound of church bells. Are there other survivors out there, holed up in a place of worship? Everyone wants to check it out, but Axel insists they stuck to his mission: deliver Vanessa to his former post.

They arrive at the military base, where land mines have been planted along the perimeter to discourage any vampires from getting too close. The place is abandoned … except for a fella named Gorrman Jones, a member of the Resistance who got separated from his group. Doc and Vanessa explore the old office of Doc's sister, who sent the Marines to the hospital to retrieve Vanessa on the first day of The Rising; there, they find Vanessa's file empty, though there is some paperwork referencing a place called 'The Farm.'

According to Axel, The Farm was a research lab for classified experiments that were above his pay grade. It also ends up being the perfect place to lay low, as it's located in an underground bunker chock full of food and supplies … and even beer! The survivors eat and drink to their fallen comrades as Axel muses over an area labeled QUARANTINE: NO ADMITTANCE … just what in the heck were they doing down here?

John and Susan drink to excess, which leads to a drunken makeout session in the hallway (it would appear that John is done grieving his wife). Susan's quickly not into it and screams for help when John forces himself on her. Vanessa and the gang come to the rescue and bind the hands of the rapist, with Doc noticing that the struggle marks on Susan's neck match those of young Cynthia and Brendan's medic Roger ... the victims of the mystery killer! Not only that, a search through John's bag reveals a bloody knife … and Cynthia's severed finger.

John manages to break free and shatters a beer bottle, holding it threateningly to Susan's neck. He's undone by Vanessa, who expertly throws a knife that lands right into his neck. John collapses to the floor, dead, with Vanessa hoping that they were right about him being the killer. Whoa!

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