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Episode Recap: Nothing Matters

Vanessa must escape a vampire horde and prevent outsiders from taking her home.


The apocalypse just keeps getting worse … and vampires aren't always the problem. In fact, humans can be just as bad if not worse than the bloodsuckers.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. For now, we've got Vanessa and Susan, stumbling about in the sewer, trying to get topside as they're pursued by some shrieking menace. The creature leaps from the darkness, attacking and wounding Vanessa, though she eventually wastes the thing because she's, you know, Vanessa.

Something's wrong, though. Vanessa collapses, seemingly from her wounds. Isn't she supposed to, like, heal immediately?

Elsewhere, Campbell, Quaid and a few members of the Resistance have infiltrated the abandoned bank where a supply of weapons are supposedly being held. It ends up being a trap as they're attacked by vampires, after which Campbell accuses Sheema of being a traitor, as she should've warned them that Rebecca willingly gave her the blueprints to the bank. Just then, Rebecca attacks, demanding the location of someone named 'Taka.' She kills Campbell and tells Sheema that she will now lead her to the others.

Hmm … who's this Taka fella?

Meanwhile, tensions continue to run high at the hospital. Our heroes are still locked in a cage, and Axel inspires the wrath of young Catherine when little Callie is almost killed by a booby trap. Brendan takes Axel into the hallway and demands to know the locations of all the booby traps, but Axel refuses, prompting Brendan to counter with his fists.

And that's not all. After Axel is returned to the cage, Sam works his lip-reading magic and discovers that Brendan is planning on executing every last one of them.

Luckily, Vanessa and Susan manage to get back to the hospital, and Brendan lets Doc out of the cage so she can attend to Vanessa's wound. Doc fills Vanessa in on the gang's imprisonment and Mohamad's banishment, which prompts Vanessa to chew out Brendan, though he insists it's necessary since someone amongst them is indeed a murderer (he's right … we still don't know who really killed poor Cynthia). Vanessa claims she'll be Switzerland in this whole mess but secretly starts scheming an escape plan with Doc.

Back in the cage, Flesh has been making some progress on opening the ceiling grating (crawling through vents is fun!) and Doc gives Axel a message from Vanessa: Get out of the cell, take out the generator and strike at their captors in the dark. Anticipating the bloodbath to come, Vanessa tells little Callie to go hide and don't come out until she finds her.

The plan goes swimmingly and Axel brutally massacres most of Brendan's people with both rifle and axe. Axel frees his comrades, who are a bit disturbed by such a slaughter, but Axel insists it was justified since they were planning on executing them. The decision is made to banish Brendan, Catherine and the other two survivors who managed to dodge Axel's shoot-'em/chop-'em-up.

Callie comes out of her hiding place and begs Vanessa to let her friends stay. Vanessa reluctantly refuses, and Callie makes the choice to join her friends out in the badlands, much to Vanessa's heartbreak.

The episode ends with Doc tending to Vanessa, who is rapidly descending into bitterness and despair. Unbeknownst to Vanessa, Doc later cuts her own finger and ravenously sucks on her own blood.

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Uh-oh … is Doc regressing?