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Episode Recap: Stay Away

The survivors visit a seemingly utopian enclave. Emphasis on the seemingly.


Everyone's chilling in the backyard but nap time's over once a bunch of ferals show up. The gang's running low on ammo, but luckily a handsome dude named Theo comes to the rescue with his sword and bow and arrow. What's even better is he tells them of a place called Eden, where they'll find food, medicine and sanctuary. Follow the hunk, weary travelers!

Eden is an old 'psychotherapy sanitarium' turned dubious utopia, run by an immediately suspicious guy named Micah. His second-in-command, Beth, doesn't want any strangers here, but Micah assures them they're welcome … and promptly has Emma (remember her? Mohamad was making out with her in the woods last week) take them into one of the houses upon the now-familiar sound of church bells. Apparently this signals the arrival of a vampire named Magdalena, with whom the Eden folk have a deal: provide her with jars of blood every now and then and she'll let them live in peace.

So where does Micah get this blood? Well, the thing is … well, wait, we're getting ahead of ourselves. First, Sam notices Mohamad's Nirvana shirt hanging with the laundry, which prompts him to follow a dude whom he thinks might be his missing friend. The guy isn't Mohamad but an Edenite named Xavier, who ends up locking Sam in a storage room in the basement, exclaiming "Curiosity killed the cat!" as he scurries off. Geez. Anyway, Sam finds a bunch of paintings in the room, including portraits of Micah, Beth … and what looks like Magdalena. Huh.

Meanwhile, Flesh has been moping about and turns to Micah for spiritual guidance. Micah teaches him how to face his past to find strength to fight the future (or some such sort of New Age mumbo-jumbo). It seems to work on Flesh, who for the first time seems to be in a good mood as he walks amongst the citizens of Eden with warmth and cheer.

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Doc's not feeling it, though, as she's haunted by locking Axel in with Gorrman, basically abandoning him to die; when she confesses this to Vanessa, she doesn't let her off easy. In fact, Vanessa tells Doc that she's no longer welcome with the group after they leave Eden.

That's just one of many highlights of Vanessa's stay at Eden. She also learns how to handle a kitana, thanks to her hunky new pal, Theo; they also totally make out in the woods after he shows her the grave he made for his parents (awwww!). Vanessa also assists Doc and Beth as they help a woman named Peggy give birth to a healthy baby girl (double awww!).

A baby … huh … wait a minute. There are a bunch of pregnant women in Eden, but where are all the kids?

Micah spews some B.S. about how they deliver the babies to the Resistance in Seattle, but we know that's a crock — he gives them to Magdalena! Vanessa and Theo stop Beth from handing over the latest bundle of joy to the scary vampire lady, which only stokes her vampire rage. What's even more disturbing is that Magdalena was Micah's wife during her human days … oh, unholy pact of darkness!

Wait, there's even more trouble in Eden. Sam escapes from the storage room and is reunited with Mohamad, though their affectionate embrace is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Xavier, the guy who locked up Sam. What's even more sudden is that Sam pulls a blade and PLUNGES IT INTO XAVIER'S CHEST. When a stunned Mohamad asks his friend what he's done, Sam only responds with a finger to his lips: "Shh."

Oh, man … has Sam been the killer all along?

Sam and Mohamad make a run for it but are soon captured by Eden goons and brought to Micah, along with Doc and Susan. Micah's ready to have them all executed for Sam's crime, though Vanessa and Theo show up and call him out for giving babies to Magdalena. Micah shows his true colors as a tyrant, and Flesh ends his reign with a blade through the back of his neck.

Well, that was a nice visit and all, but it's time to hit the road! Actually, the gang will be leaving without Flesh, as he hopes to rebuild the Eden community without any corruption and unholy blood pacts. Vanessa, Susan, Mohamad and Sam prepare for the journey ahead, but wait a minute … where's Doc?

Oh, Doc. So tortured, so sad. And now, so crazy, as she wanders the woods looking for Magdalena. It's Magdalena who finds her, and Doc begs her to turn her back into a vampire, as she believes she was never meant to be human again. Magdalena bites her, though nothing happens … is Doc now completely immune to vampirism after being bitten by Vanessa?

Magdalena, enraged and terrified, flees into the woods, leaving Doc to wail amongst the countless skeletons of infant children.