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Episode Recap: Began Again

As Vanessa searches for her vampire daughter, new alliances are formed and new rivalries born.


We return to the world of Van Helsing in a happier place than we left. At a compound where there is a rooftop garden and balloons with maps in them and an almost unnerving lack of blood. They’re throwing up flares, essentially, for other survivors and it’s almost enough to regain your faith in humanity.

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Oh, except for the fact that Dylan is still a vampire, the Citadel is still under assault and everything is horrible. Rebecca has apparently had Dylan for a long time because Dylan is full on angry at her mom for “leaving her to die,” and says Rebecca was the one who found her.

Vanessa doesn't take kindly to her daughter being used as a pawn in this game and she throws herself at Rebecca, breaking her finger and holding her into the growing sunlight in the room. But before Rebecca can burn up properly, Dylan whacks her mom over the head, repeatedly.

Chaos continues as the rebels storm the Citadel and Taka is still bargaining with Dimitri over who gets what when the dust settles. Scorched Rebecca stumbles in and Taka shoots Dimitri a bunch of times before he gets his throat ripped out. Oh, and Rebecca gets very dead thanks to Dimitri's creepy sister.

Where's Mohamad in all of this? Dazed, confused, but not dead, so that's a plus. His sister is less lucky. She got a little crushed under the fallen debris and begs him to get Rebecca and Dimitri to turn her. He won't do it, of course, and ends up smothering her instead.

Flesh has a new friend. Her name is Lucky and she is very tall and has a giant gun and she wants to blow up the generator and take out everyone she can. She makes a deal with him. If they live, then she'll help him find Vanessa. So, she's fun.

Vanessa finds Dylan again and she is much more violent than she remembers. She's a killing machine and Vanessa is aptly appalled by the whole thing. She manages to talk Dylan down for half a second before Mohamad ruins the whole thing and she runs off. He's doing really well.

With the Citadel under siege, Rebecca dead, and Dimitri on the run (at least for now), Dr. Shomoloke seizes the opportunity to make his escape. Of course, he makes himself out to be more of a victim than he ever really was in order to gain sympathy and, you know, not get dead.

Down in the boiler room, Lucky and Flesh shoot their way to the generators and set some charges. They are not messing around. They blow the whole thing, taking down the smokestacks and probably crippling the Citadel. Nice to have a win.

Meanwhile, Vanessa uses Mohammed as the can of bloody spinach to her vampire Popeye, sucking down a bit of sidekick blood in order to "center herself" and get those vampy spidey senses running. Works too, cause she catches Dylan's scent and they're off to the races.

The other rebels are ready and willing to take Taka's death at face value. He died a hero, right? Not selling them out to the vamp with the best offer. But Flesh goes all Sherlock on them and finds Dimitri's secret passageway. He is the king of the former vampire nerds. Lucky goes with because smarts are sexy.

As if he wasn't already the worst, Dr. Shomoloke knows exactly where Dylan is and makes a beeline for the pre-teen vampire. The worst part is probably the fact that he promises her there won't be any experiments today. What have they been doing to this poor kid?

Flesh and the other rebels manage to make their way into Dimitri's tunnel system, but run face first into his sister and a really disgustingly deadly trap. Flesh tries to comfort Lucky but that really doesn't go well since all her friends were just murdered and it's a little bit his fault.

Vanessa finally catches up to her daughter and find her in the clutches of the lovely Dr. Shomoloke. She literally breaks down a steel door to get to them, but Solomenko has one more ace to play. You see, Dylan isn't like other vampires at all. She can't be changed back with a bite from her mother. He screwed with her DNA and made her some kind of crazy new vampire. Dylan doesn't really care. She bites him, then Vanessa shoots him a whole bunch of times before he can turn.

So what does that mean for mother and daughter? It looks like it's gonna be a long road ahead. Good thing we've got all season, right?