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Episode Recap: Black Days

Secrets are exposed, new threats arise and the future is decided in the final battle of vampire and human.


Things get off to a weird and interesting start this week as Dimitri’s quest for the
Elder’s crypt begins with a consultation with a vampiric Oracle who tells him only
three of his crew will be allowed to enter. He chooses Scab and Ivory, naturally, and
the Oracle takes it upon herself to disembowel the rest.

Back on top of the mountain, Scarlett and her mother, Abigail, are also heading to
the crypt, hoping to beat Dimitri there. Scarlett isn’t very happy to finally meet her
birthmother, but Abigail attempts to bond with her by telling her about the vial of
blood she wears around her neck. It’s “the blood of the Dark One” and she was gifted
this lovely trinket when her mother died. Apparently she did experiments on it
when she was at The Farm but she denies exposing her daughters to it.

Dimitri and his minions do end up beating them to the crypt, but luckily it is a maze
full of terrifying hallucinations, so it’s gonna take a while to get all the way to the
Elder. Scarlett and Abigail are forced to watch scenes from when Scarlett and
Vanessa were small. They exhibited abilities when they were little and Dr. Bruce
showed a little too much interest in them, so to protect them, Abigail gave them up.

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The vampires all have their own visions as well. Scab recalls being ridiculed and
tormented when he was a human, while Ivory remembers being nearly burned at
the stake. Dimitri, meanwhile, recalls his time spent with Marquis de Sade in France
as a human. They apparently had a twisted relationship full of masochism and
sexual deviance and THIS seems to be where Dimitri originally became a vampire.
Abigail informs Scarlett that this Elder isn’t the only one, but he is the only one who
was captured and imprisoned by their family. The Elders exist to eventually bring
about the “final darkness” by releasing the Dark One and the Van Helsings cannot
ever let that happen because it will mean the death of literally everyone.

The Van Helsing women finally make their way to the crypt, but they aren't the ony
ones. Dimitri and his crew are there as well in a lovely reunion of enemies. Dimitri
wonders where Vanessa is, and says it is her fault the Elder has woken. He's just
letting him go. Neither side is gonna back down so it’s time to fight. Scarlett and
Abigail split up, each taking on one of Dimitri's underlings and things don't go very well at the beginning. Scarlett, though, holds her own a lot better than her mother,
taking on both vamps in succession as Abigail jumps back in. They never actually kill
the vamps, but they do drive them off.

Dimitri grabs Scarlett by the throat, crushing her windpipe and demanding that
Abigail open the crypt in exchange for her daughter's life. You see, only a Van
Helsing can open the crypt at all, which makes you wonder why they went after
Dimitri in the first place. Not wanting to see her daughter die, Abigail opens the

The Elder is awake and immediately recognizes the women as Van Helsings, but he
determines there is something else inside Scarlett. It is "the blood of the first" and
he recoils from it. He makes a move to kill Abigail but Scarlett demands he stop and
... he does.

PLOT TWIST! Turns out that when the old Van Helsings captured this Elder he was
given a choice. He could swear to protect the Van Helsing line, or he could die. Guess
which he picked? Now he's stuck playing servant to the Van Helsings until the "Dark
One" is released or destroyed.

Naturally, her first order is for the Elder to go take care of their Dimitri problem,
which he does in the grossest way possible. Once that's done, Scarlett dispatches him to find Vanessa. Scarlett turns her attention to her mother who is dying on the ground. She begs her mom to tell her what other secrets she's been hiding, while Abigail tries to get Scarlett to take the blood vial. Before anything can really be said, though, Abigail dies. Elsewhere, in the bloody ruins of Dr. Bruce's facility, Vanessa Van Helsing lies dead… until a bite from the Elder awakens her once again. Hello, Sleeping Beauty.