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Van Helsing Showrunner Q&A: Season 2, Episode 4

Official Syfy WIRE Q&A featuring quips about Skinners and the return of CRAZY A.K.A. Sam!


This week, SYFY WIRE writer, Bryan Enk interviewed Van Helsing Showrunner, Neil LaBute, to discuss Season 2, Episode 4: "Home." During their exclusive chat, Bryan and Neil discussed Vanessa's fight scenes and emotional journey and the introduction of our living nightmare - Skinners!

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About Skinners...

"I don't remember individually whose idea it was, but as soon as we heard the word 'skinners' I know that we collectively started salivating and throwing out fantastical ideas about who they were and what they did and what they looked like." - Neil LaBute

Read the rest of the interview, HERE.