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Top 10 Hunks and Hunkettes of Van Helsing

We’re breaking down Van Helsing’s hottest…For Science.


Living during the vampire apocalypse is tough. Friends and family are dead, the sky is always a weird yellow color, and you’re always at risk of being brutally murdered. That’s why it’s so important to stop and appreciate the scenery. Find the beauty in your surroundings. So, for the public good, we’ve compiled a list of the hunks and hunkettes of Van Helsing. You’re welcome.

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10. Dr. Harrison

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Is Dr. Harrison straight up evil? Yes. But if you ignore that you have to admit that he's super hot. We mean, it takes a special kind of handsome to pull off a turtleneck and lab coat combo. Sure his personality sucks, but he gets bonus points because he's figured out how to stay that beautiful forever.

9. Dmitri


We promise. Not everyone on this list is a villian, but there's just something about Dmitri. Maybe it's the accent, maybe it's the fact he has a certain level of maturity that comes with being alive for 300 years, but Dmitri makes our list. He's suave, he's sophisticated, and he bathes in blood, so we know he's got dramatic flair.

8. Mohamad


Oh Mohamad, sweet, sweet Mohamad. He may be a vampire now, but while he was human, he never lost his optimism. Mohamad always tried to do the right thing and he wasn't afraid to get violent to do it. No matter how questionable his decisions, he always looks damn fine while making them. Plus, he's got the grunge look nailed.

7. Julius


There's nothing sexier than a redemption arc, and Julius' is one of the best. Formerly a ruthless, bloodthirsty vampire, he's surprisingly good with children and loves his mother more than anything. No matter your thoughts on where he should be on this list, I think we can all agree he should only wear sleeveless shirts.  

6. Rebecca


We love a bad girl and Rebecca is one of the baddest. She never suffers fools and given her age, she may be the original HBIC. No one, dead or alive, rocks leather as well as Rebecca does. The definition of a loose cannon, she never fails to keep you guessing. It's a shame Vanessa had to go and burn her face off, but she probably had that one coming.

5. Theo


Theo is the kind of guy that looks like he always wears plaid and could build you a house. His former position as PE teacher clearly kept him in top physical form and his hair is way too amazing for the vampire apocalypse. We wouldn't mind if he showed us some moves with his katana.

4. Susan


Susan is a mega babe both alive and dead, and that takes some serious skill. Not everyone can pull off that hairstyle she rocked when she was a vampire. Susan is a protective and loyal friend who most definitely deserved better and never let her upbringing break her down. Queen.  

3. Axel


Axel is a Marine with a heart of gold and abs of steel. We fell in love, when he kept Doc alive by feeding her his blood, and we stayed in love when we realized how good he looks in camo. His dedication to the Van Helsing sisters knows no bounds, and there's nothing hotter than loyalty.

2. Vanessa Van Helsing


Vanessa could, and probably would, punch us in the face and we wouldn't be mad TBH. You gotta love a woman who survives having her throat ripped out, wakes up after three years, immediately murders some vampires, and still has perfectly wavy hair. Considering everything she's been through, you'd think her skin would show some sign of aging, but she remains flawless. Vanessa is intense, but we wouldn't want her any other way.

1. Scarlett Harker


Scarlett has it all; the looks, the outfit, the sense of humor, and the ability to kick your ass. We knew she was bae when she stabbed Anastasia in the head with a katana. Scarlett never takes herself or the apocalypse too seriously and always manages to have fun when she's taking down vampires. And she's literally a ninja… It doesn't get any hotter than that. #EyelinerGoals