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Vanessa Van Helsing’s Top 10 Badass Moments


Vanessa Van Helsing is a badass 24/7, but here's a list of ten times she took it next level.


Van Helsing would be nothing without its hard-core heroine Vanessa Van Helsing. To celebrate our favorite slayer, we've chosen ten moments in which she's her most fearsome, cutthroat (literally), badass self.

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10. Burn Baby Burn


Not only is Vanessa a pro at killing vampires, but she does it with style. Rebecca had been wreaking havoc for centuries, and Vanessa takes her down like its no big deal. Kind of a bummer that Rebecca's pretty face ended up looking like a burnt marshmallow, but after turning Vanessa's daughter, she kind of had it coming.

9. Straight For the Jugular


Vanessa doesn't even need weapons to slay, as proven when she rips Jacob's throat out with her teeth and eviscerates him. Some may say doing that to a distant relative is cold-hearted, but it's the apocalypse, so, you gotta do what you gotta do.

8. Mommy Dearest


Vanessa is queen of bouncing back. When The Elder wakes her, Vanessa wastes no time in coming after the woman who pretended to be her mother and put her into another coma. She kills "Abigail" without a struggle, even after she's shot point-blank three times. Gunshot wounds? Just another day as a Van Helsing.

7. Ninja Vampires


Just when we thought this show couldn't get any crazier, we're given ninja vampires. But Vanessa might just be the only thing more badass than the Ba'h's henchmen. Even Scarlett, a fierce fighter herself, struggles to kill them. Vanessa makes it look easy, and leaves us wondering if there's any vampire she can't slay.

6. Sacrifice


In a truly selfless moment, Vanessa volunteers to stay behind and hold off a horde of vampires so a group she's just met can escape. She's gravely outnumbered and doesn't stand a chance, but while she's ultimately captured she puts up a hell of a fight. We love a badass who takes care of others.

5. Clearing the Hospital


We already mentioned that Vanessa can kick ass without a weapon, but put an axe in her hand and it's all over. She manages to single-handedly take down a hospital filled with heavily armed guards, all while her fake mother cowers in the corner. Vanessa is probably the only person who can bring an axe to a gunfight and win!

4. Fighting the Ba'ah


The Ba'h is an Elder. She can materialize out of darkness. She has an army of ninjas. She is by no means an easy opponent, but Vanessa loves a challenge. With a small assist from Axel, she keeps her promise of taking the Ba'h's head and does it without breaking a sweat.

3. In the Ring


Remember that time Vanessa was thrown into vampire Fight Club? Her reputation clearly preceded her, because all the vampires were too scared to fight her. While kicking ass and taking names she was also able to turn her bff, Susan, back into a human too. That's #BestFriendGoals AND #badass goals.

2. Blood Bath


Just when all seems lost for Scarlett and Vanessa, the latter reminds us why she's our fave slayer. After drinking some of Scarlett's blood to hype her up, she breaks down a metal door with a single kick. She's truly terrifying, and we're obsessed.

1. Wakey, Wakey


It's the moment we all fell in love with Vanessa Van Helsing. Who else could wake from a year's long coma and immediately slay some vampires? Vanessa adjusts to her new reality with ease, and it's clear that this is what she was born to do. She's been a badass since the very beginning, and she's only getting better.

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