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Episode Recap: Broken Promises

After an epic battle, Axel reconciles with Vanessa and comes to terms with the death of Scarlett.


Remember how we thought Vanessa had given up the game? Nope! She's back at it, and mid-vamp-hunt, turning fugitive vamps back human. When she finds herself surrounded, she surrenders to the vampires, and let's them suck her blood. And she passes out from blood loss.

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But when she wakes up, she's in some enchanted garden, and she's not alone. Who's with her? None other than Violet, the newly identified Van Helsing. Not long after Violet disappears and Vanessa finds a pentagram under some dirt in the garden. Then she wakes up. And when she does, she's surrounded by the turned-vampires she saved. They want to follow her, like disciples. Not one to pick up hitchers, Vanessa sends them on their way to help others.

Back at Black-Tec, Julius and Violet are training, testing her new skills. One of them happens to be: the ability to fight in the dark. That's cool. Meanwhile, at a local bar, Axel's getting crunked, and he overhears one of the survivors turned by Vanessa brag about his experience. Axel wants to know where she is.

And down in a crypt somewhere, the Oracle has convened a meeting with Scab, Ivory, and Sam to commence "the ritual" to summon the Dark One. It involves a coffin and some Latin and a lot of dust. Once that dust settles, the Mother, or Michaela, pops out.

The next day, at Black-Tec, Julius is looking for Doc, and, lo and behold, he can't find her. That's because Hansen sent her away. Julius intimates Violet's real identity, but doesn't go all the way; that's when Hansen puts him in a sleeper hold and locks him up in a cell. But it doesn't put an end to the conversation. Hansen visits Violet in her room, and it's there that she demands her father tell her who her real parents are. In short: he tells her he made a promise to Violet's parents to take care of her and her sister after they died in an "accident". And he's trying to do just that.

Meanwhile, out in the woods, Axel finally catches up to Vanessa, and blows her full of holes. He's got a bone to pick with her for what he thinks was an act of negligence on her part for letting the love of his life die. It's only after he buries a blade in her chest that they reconcile. And back in town, Violet is breaking up with her boyfriend — after she invites him to go with her and he declines. Basically, her life has gone off the rails.

Speaking of off the rails, when Sam tries to pressure McKayla into submission, she kisses him, and he goes a little loopy. Her power is now unquestioned, and she orders them to gather the troops. They head to Black-Tec to find Hansen. Out in the woods, Jack catches up to Vanessa, and asks her for help. She doesn't know how to deal with her new, er, superhumanity. Vanessa takes her under her wing.