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Episode Recap: Dark Destiny

With the amulet in hand, Vanessa and Lily Van Helsing escape from Elder Sam and return to the real world. As Denver falls to the Daywalkers, Hansen escorts Julius and Doc to Fort Collins.


Well, here we are! In a crypt! Drawing Sam's blood reawakened Lily, and the two square off in what will no doubt be a very bloody battle. Sam hurls Lily against a wall, rendering her unconscious. After that, he proceeds to temporarily blind Vanessa—sticking his thumbs into her eyes.

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Eventually, Sam gets both Van Helsings in his grasp and is ready to off them both in one fell swoop, when The Oracle enters and kills his buzz. She says they need one Van Helsing to bring to the Elder, and that Sam must listen and obey. This rubs Sam the wrong way, and he diverts his attention to fighting with The Oracle. In the meantime, the Van Helsings escape.

Outside the crypt, Vanessa's eyes heal, allowing her to see the final resting place of Scarlett. Great timing on that one. Meanwhile, Lily finds the amulet, and Vanessa pinches her dead sister's katana — she probably won't need it any longer. Lily remembers a combination to some runes in the stone maze, and together she and Vanessa escape. They reemerge back in civilization. Learning that so much time has passed is really hard for Lily to fathom, and she needs a minute. Maybe make that five minutes.

Meanwhile, in Detroit Rock City, Julius is ready to rain blows upon the Sisters and Scab. He sacrifices himself on the front lines so that his reinforcements can stay hidden. When he lures Scab around the corner, he busts his head open. The gunners take down the rest of the sisters, then free the captives. Of course, immediately after the liberation, the Sisters wake back up and pursue the freed folks.

In the resulting hustle and bustle, Doc escapes from the hospital, and Maddox sets his men on her trail. Julius and the guards are beset by the Sisters, now reinvigorated. Scab squares off (again) with Julius, while Ivory takes down Nguyen. After that, Ivory takes a little girl hostage, a sight before which Julius crumbles, and calls Scab his Master. But words are cheap, and while Scab is performing some kind of celebratory yawp, Julius rolls a grenade under his feetsies and blows out his guts. The phrase "don't count your chickens" comes to mind.

On the run, Julius and the girl turn to the barricaded area, but are at first turned down. That's when Doc decides to double back to help her friends. Shortly after, Hansen and Maddox arrive, and apprehend her for scrubbing the files. When they see the wounds on Julius' arm, they take him in too. After that, Hansen flies away in his chopper, leaving the rest to fend for themselves amid the forthcoming nerve agent attack that's meant to wipe out the human population. Maddox is quickly picked off by Ivory and fed to the convalescent Scab.

Meanwhile, The Oracle and Sam are at a loss: having let the Van Helsings escape with the amulet, they're fighting an uphill battle. So The Oracle channels through Ivory, to show her the path. After that, The Oracle changes form — to something much less, um, hideous — and convinces Sam to bite her. In a board meeting, Hansen addresses his colleagues, who are PISSED. He assuages them by bringing them Julius, by shooting Julius, and by demonstrating how Julius hosts the cure to vampirism by not dying. Doc convinces the board to let her continue to experiment on Julius to refine the cure.

Back at the compound, Hansen lays down the deal to Doc, while Julius tries one last attempt at escape. He shows off his physical and martial prowess, and Hansen is intrigued. He sets him up with his daughter, Violet. Not on a date, but in a sparring match. Meanwhile, Vanessa takes Lily to the woods where she knows off an ancient book secreted in the ground. The book contains step-by-step rituals for activating the amulet. Or for destroying it. The book is super ambiguous. But the goal is clear: destroy the Dark One. The book indicates where, geographically, that might happen.

They go exploring in the dark, and are almost instantly besieged by Sam's vampires. While Vanessa does her best to thwart them, Lily has trouble defending herself, and is slashed in the gut. Vanessa also shows off her stealth vamp superpower, and Lily is frightened. Rather than being turned vampire, Lily opts to die. Such a quick cameo!