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Episode Recap: Miles and Miles

In an infested desert, Flesh and Axel chase a crazed Max, who has held Jennifer and Owen hostage.


Axel and Flesh are in the hummer in hot pursuit of Max, Jennifer, and her kid Owen, which might also be Flesh’s kid, too. Who knows? They’re on the only dirt road leading away from the mines when they come upon a prison bus. They poke their noses and their pistols around and find a couple of dead bodies. The guards. While arguing over how to proceed, they get ambushed, and Axel has to fire his gun.

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The sound alerts Max, some way’s off, of their presence. After a quick bump of the mysterious blue substance, Max lets Jen drive. And they’re off! Axel and Flesh continue on, and find themselves beset on all sides by Feeders. They demand payment in blood — one or both of them have to sacrifice themselves. Well, they’re not down for that, so they hop back on the truck, and make their escape. Unfortunately, at that time the engine jams, and they have to go hand-to-hand with the Feeders.

Max is watching all this through his sniper rifle. That’s when Jen takes hostage his reserve of blue powder, threatening to set it onto the winds of the desert. To a junkie, that’s as good as suicide. When Max drops his gun, Jen tells Owen to run to meet Flesh. But Max strikes fear into her heart about her son’s survival rate (admittedly pretty low considering they just watched Flesh and Max’s truck go up in smoke) and so she hollers at Owen to turn around. And then… Jen smashes the mason jar anyway. Take that, Max!

Meanwhile, Axel and Flesh dispatched all the Feeders with that grenade. Axel thinks he’s got eyes on Max and the hostages. But the truck is out of commission, and the only way to get there is on foot. He’s down for it.

At night, Max confines Jen and Owen to an abandoned shack before trying to salvage some of the spoiled drugs. But dirt up the old schnozola is painful to say the least. To console Owen, Jen tells him the story of the before-time, when things were good. She promises he’ll experience those times again… she’s just a little vague with the details. Not one to wait, Owen sneaks into Max’s room, picks up his gun, and shoots him. Max is upset, but he can’t kill Jen or Max because he needs them. He orders them outside, before realizing that his keys are gone…

Outside, Axel and Flesh have reached the community of these little shacks. It’s there they get speared and axed by Feeders. It’s not pretty. One lucky Feeder takes Axel and Flesh to his personal feeding grounds, where he tries to feast on their bodies but ultimately our guys get the upper hand and kill the Feeder. In the morning Axel and Flesh head to where they believe Max has taken Jen and Owen, and find their car still there!

Of course, when they arrive, Max starts sniping the guys outside the house. That slows our heroes down, allowing Max to escape to yet another compound. Max hits up a pusher, Matty, who he has depended on for some blood. But the dealer isn’t dealing. That is until Max offers up Jen for his personal exploitation — yuck. Max takes Owen as hostage, but before he does Jen slips a knife into his pocket, to use on Max when he’s not looking.

Not long after Matty’s got Jen in his clutches do Axel and Flesh arrive. Flesh busts into Matty’s compound, where he beholds some horrid sights: people being bled in cages. Eventually Flesh comes upon Jen, sets her free, and she kills Matty, and the three take off in pursuit of Max and Owen.

On foot, Owen is throwing a tantrum — great — and then stabs a flustered Max — awesome — with the knife, just as Jen, Flesh, and Axel arrive. Jen confides in Flesh that Owen is their son — woah — and that he needs to save him. But just then, a Feeder comes up behind Max and Owen, threatening to get them both. But wait! It’s not a Feeder! It’s an Axel in Feeder’s clothing! While Max is distracted, Axel shoots him in the leg. Owen runs free, and his daddy comes up behind Max and… cuts his head off.

After that, Flesh gives up the fight, and vows to take care of Jen and Owen for the rest of his life. Before Axel takes off, Owen has one final surprise: he took the keys to the jeep, which he gives to Axel. On the road again, on the road again!