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Episode Recap: No "I" in Team

In a flashback to the Rising, Jack and her archers battle vampires that are taking over the city.


It's 2016, a few years before the Rising, and Jack is with her archery teammates out of town for a tournament. Then, disaster strikes. Earthquakes, ash rain from the skies, vampires start crawling out of the woodwork. The team try to barricade themselves in their hotel room, but the vamps make it in. The young ladies are forced to become killers to protect their own.

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The team venture out of the hotel, armed with axes and whatever weapons they can get their hands on. Jack has to take down one of her friends who's been turned, and Jack is forever changed because of the act. The remaining girls find their way into an abandoned police station looking for survivors. One of the players, Shona, is shot by a burrowing security guard who's scared out of his mind. Now this young woman needs some medical attention.  

The group eventually finds a first aid kit, and Jack gets right to business. She becomes lead medic for the team and directs her teammates to stand vigil over the shot girl. Jack and a teammate, Shelley, head out in search of a real doctor, braving the unknown adversary swarming the streets. They wind their way through the employee parking garage and find a woman who's taken refuge there. She's freaking out because she saw her friend get turned into a vampire — it's certainly not something you see every day. But this woman just can't keep her cool, endangering all three of their lives.

Just when she's in a fit of pique, a couple of vampires drop in looking for their next victims. Rather than stick with Jack and Shelley, the crazed woman runs off, and is taken by the vamps. Jack and Shelley make it to an urgent care clinic and find a vampire-doctor drinking vials of test tube blood. That's sanitary. They kill that rogue doc and make off with some supplies in tow.

That's when Jack gets a call from Violet. Hansen's sending a helicopter to her hotel to pick her up and whisk her away. Upon returning back to the depot, another teammate, Brittney, has become a killer — having shot the cop dead before he killed them. When Shona dies from her gunshot wounds, the survivors move as quickly as they can to the helicopter. But there are vamps standing in their way. Jack makes good use of a pipe to fend off the attackers, but she's not fast enough. All her friends get taken. Fortunately, a vampire stranger who's been following Jack all this time intercedes and goes to town on the other vampires.  

When Jack reaches the roof, it's too little too late. The helicopter has flown away, leaving a sad and lonely and very bloodied Jack alone on the roof.