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Episode Recap: The Beholder

The President and Ivory try to decipher what really happened in the Dark Realm.


So, Jack and Violet are in hospital after suffering trauma inside the portal. Hopefully they both have good medical insurance, because supernatural causes might be considered pre-existing conditions. Madame President arrives, and she wants to talk to Avery. When she finds out that Avery is the Oracle, she doesn't want to talk to Avery anymore. And to get the girls better healthcare, Colonel Nicholson, Axel and Julius venture over to the Sunshine Unit where last Doc was seen to bring back personnel. But it's gonna be dangerous.  

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In a flashback (perhaps) to their time in the portal, Violet and Jack navigate their way through halls bathed in red light. They seem to be guided by the distant voice of Vanessa (or perhaps a Siri-like app with the programmed voice of Vanessa). They wander into a room set for a banquet — at the head of which is none other than the Dark One.

Back at Black-Tec, Madame President enlists Ivory's help to handle the Oracle, while the rest of her team make for the Sunshine Unit. There they find the place deserted, and nothing but a few dead bodies and orange dust (maybe a Solacyte 2.0?) in a field. Well, that and a super-strong mutant vampire immune to gunshots and seemingly everything else. Nicholson tries to be a hero, but ends up getting bitten by the super-vampire, and suicides himself. Julius and Axel are nearly overpowered by this new adversary before Axel is able to chop its head off. After the fight, the two realize that their wounds aren't healing. Uh-oh.

In the portal, the Dark One tries to get inside the Van Helsing sisters' heads by revealing to them the "real" story of their origin. Turns out, Hansen had sex with two loyalists of the Dark One to give birth to Violet and Jack. When Jack sees this, she gives herself over to the Dark One. That's when Violet wakes up — looks like we weren't in flashback, but in parallel timelines. Jack also wakes up in her hospital room, looking mighty suspect. She feeds Madame President a cock-and-bull story about the Dark One being "no more." It's fishy.

Violet is raging, and the military have to sedate her. She's saying something about saving Jack from herself. Back in the portal, the Dark One remarks on how it was her all along, and not Vanessa, who had been leading the sisters up the garden path — directly into her trap. Outside, it would appear that the Dark One has escaped in the guise of Jack, and she's being whisked away by Madame President to a secure location.

Before they leave, Jack and Madame President tarry in a side room. There, Jack/the Dark One bites Madame President, thirsty for her powerful blood. After the Dark One takes Madame President's skin, she stops by the Oracle's chamber, and demands her release. Ivory protests and gets knocked unconscious. The Dark One, the Oracle, and the detail leave. When Ivory is revived, she storms Violet's room and has her untied.

Meanwhile, in the bio-field, Julius and Axel are having strange reactions to the orange dust everywhere — and seizing up with heart attacks. Back at Black-Tec, Violet and Ivory try to stop the Dark One and the Oracle from boarding a helicopter but are shot down by security forces. That's when, inside the portal, Jack wakes up…locked in a tomb.