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Episode Recap: The Prism

Three pages are key to raising or destroying the Dark One, but only Hansen knows where they are hidden.


So, Vanessa body-slammed Dracula back into the portal, and now they're gone. For now. The Oracle has taken Jack back to her lair to try this conjuring thing one more time. Meanwhile, Hansen is in full-out freakout mode, and it's unclear whether he has a vision of where his children are. The Oracle steps things up a bit, and brands a hot pentagram into Jack's skin, presumably to make her subservient.

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Violet has scurried off to her main squeeze/bartender in Fort Collins, Lee. He tells her about a coyote who traffics people out of the bad parts of the post-apocalyptic world and into the good parts. Violet is intrigued, and makes off in the night to a safehouse. In the morning, Lee finds her, and is immediately sacked by vampires. Violet helps him fend off the marauders, and they kiss.

Hansen drops by the lair where the Sisterhood is keeping Jack. He tries to tell her that he's kept a lot of secrets from them, only to preserve their lives. Jack either doesn't believe it, or plays dumb, and disavows all love for her father.

Lee has reworked his life plan to run away with Violet. But she tells him who she really is, and what her life's journey is gonna be, and she's got to put that boy on the back burner. Then, in a flash, Violet's eyes turn blank white, as if she's channeling the Sisterhood. They leave immediately, and wander through the yard outside where Violet hallucinates antique objects just strewn about (like in a tag sale or something). Lee yells to try to get through to her, and when she really wakes up, they're back in the safehouse, and Violet's eyes return to normal.

Sort of. Basically, the Sisterhood was hacking in to Lee's body to try to get Violet to spill secrets about the missing pages of the book. It didn't work, and Violet high tails it. Hansen was hacking into the mind-connection, and helping Violet resist. The last time the Sisterhood leads her through the illusion, Violet sees a painting in the middle of the clearing, and remembers something. After that, she shoots the fake Lee in the face, and wakes up for real this time.

Just as they're about to leave to find the pages, Ivory and Scab show up and do battle. They thwart the vampires, and make it outside to meet the coyote. But Violet doesn't go with Lee; instead, she knocks him out, and sticks him in the back of the coyote's van to keep him safe.

After Hansen explains to Jack how he's tried to keep his daughters safe this whole time, she relents, and starts to feel some sympathy for him. Violet returns to the Black-Tec HQ, which are getting broken down and packed away. Violet spots the painting as it goes into a cardboard box, and there are some bulges on the back of it. Oh, you know what that's about.

The Sisterhood grow suspicious of Hansen, and question his allegiance. We flashback to 1850, where a young Willem Hansen is an apt pupil to Jacob Van Helsing. Jacob promises to tell Hansen how to destroy all the vampires one day, then dismisses the boy. After that, he conceals the text on some of the pages of his book with his blood. While Hansen is out running an errand for Van Helsing at the pharmacist's, he's overtaken by the Oracle, who bites him and turns him. Willem returns back to Jacob's workroom, and bites him in the neck. When the guy's down, Hansen rips out the blank pages from Jacob's book, and brings them to his new masters.

Flash forward, and we're back in the lair. Hansen delays the Sisterhood long enough for Jack to escape. Then Hansen confides in them: they built their own trap. All he had to do was lead them into it. We'll see what that means next week.