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Episode Recap: Three Pages

As the sisters prepare to open the portal to the Dark One, Hansen makes the ultimate sacrifice.


The crew have found themselves in a bunker as Julius and Axel try to convince Colonel Nicholson of their side of the story. He's not buying it, until Ivory and Jack bring in a dead Avery, and the colonel realizes that the woman who he thought he was talking to was actually the Oracle in disguise.

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Next, the heroes have to figure out a way to kill the Dark One. First step: read those pages. Violet and Jack, as Van Helsing heirs, must spill their blood to make the writing on them appear. Ouchies. When the pages reveal themselves, the language they're written in is foreign. They want to ask Hansen, but he's incapacitated. Violet has an idea: use some of the colonel's blood to feed her dad. The colonel is uneasy at first, but eventually gives in. Violet pumps her daddy full of pure blood, and he wakes up. Then he places his hands on their heads, and time travels with them to his study from olden days.

There, Hansen shows them a memory of when he first decided to turn on his vampire masters and devise a weapon that could kill the Dark One. It's the intro story. Then he skips around a lot and shows his daughters how he developed a serum by torturing vampires as lab rats, and how he created his daughters and infused them with Dark One blood to make the ultimate antidote. Unexpectedly, he fell in love with his kids, and kept them hidden.

When they come out of the memory, Jack and Violet can read the pages. It's a literacy miracle! They have until midnight until they can open the portal to the other side. They enlist the colonel to go back to Fort Collins to pull one over on Oracle-Avery. He delivers a line about how he and his men apprehended Hansen, and that they're trying to torture information out of him. To break Hansen down, Colonel Nicholson requests access to Black-Tek, and Oracle-Avery kind of falls for it.

Later, we see the colonel escorting Ivory, Violet, and Jack into Black-Tek facilities. But we ALSO see the colonel escorting the Oracle into a storage capsule and trapping her inside. Something's fishy here! So, it turns out that Hansen used his last bit of strength to disguise himself as the Colonel and get the Oracle alone. Ingenious! Except the Oracle is still very strong, and Hansen is very weak, and she has no trouble overpowering him.

His daughters rush to view inside the capsule just in time to see the Oracle kill Hansen. Did this family EVER have a good time out on the town? Axel stays to keep watch over the Oracle, and she tries to get inside his head, by slipping into Scarlett's skin. It nearly works, but Axel manages to steel his mind and return to the others preparing the ceremony. The Oracle's confidence shook him to the core, leaving him wondering whether now's the right time to open the portal.

But the Van Helsings are going full speed ahead. The sisters utter a few words in some strange language, light up a good pentagram, and away they go! They disappear for a couple minutes, then shoot back out after what appears to have been a tough go round. Jack's heart stops, and Violet has a seizure. But the good news is they say that the Dark One is no more. Yay?