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Episode Recap: Together Forever

Violet is captured by a sadistic ringmaster and must battle her way out of his gladiator arena.


We're at some defunct mansion, where a man named Darius resides and works out of. He's the ring leader of a post-Rising, scrappy, non-scripted MMA: he sends out a henchmen to collect potential fighters, and have them go at each other in a ring, while it's being video tapped. One of those fighters is Violet. Darius rips off the amulet hanging around her neck and has her led into her holding cage. It's there she finds…Julius!

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Darius wastes no time and sets Violet up with Carnage — a veritable mountain of a Neanderthal. The fight is more or less even, but Violet has trouble holding out much longer. So she sets a trap, and impales Carnage on a sword. Violet refuses to "finish him," meaning decapitate him, so one of Darius' security guards has to do it for her. And that's a wrap on Carnage!  

Meanwhile, Axel is using one of the pages from the Van Helsing family scrapbook to navigate his way. The cruci-compass imprinted on one of the pages leads him straight to Jack. They decide to work together to find Vanessa and Violet.

After much consideration, Darius decides to give Violet another chance to assume her title as "slayer." He offers her the opportunity to become his ultimate champion, killing everyone and everything he throws in the ring with her; in exchange, he'll send her to a place of boundless prosperity and an absence of vampires — the place where the people who watch his show live. It's an attractive offer, but Violet refuses. Darius doesn't care and has her returned to her cage.

Violet and Julius stage a fight in their cell to get Darius' attention, and the emcee drags them out to get it on camera. Outside, Jack and Axel have followed the cruci-compass right to the mansion. They're plotting their break-in to the facility when they see Scab and Lilith make late night snacks of the guards on the perimeter of the building. Jack and Axel follow the vampires inside.

Shortly after their fight commences, Violet and Julius go off-script, and start killing guards instead of each other. Scab and Ivy bust in, and complicate matters. Julius picks a one-on-one fight with Scab, while Ivy goes after Violet. Jack and Axel roll in, and it's a real melee. Darius runs off to his office to collect his things but is pursued by Jack and Axel.

Julius is finally able to decapitate Scab, ending his reign of terror. But in so doing Julius incurs the ire of Ivy, who seeks vengeance. As she's about to kill Julius, Violet jumps on her back, bites her, and turns her human again. The crew then get to work ambushing Darius in his office, knocking him out, and taking back the amulet.

And all those people watching the slaughter show? One of them happens to be the President of the United States, and she's taken a special interest in Violet.