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Hero of the Week: Vanessa Van Helsing

Vampire slaying is hard work so thank goodness we’ve got a Van Helsing to do it.


Vampire hunting is hard work, which is why we're all caps THANKFUL we've got Vanessa Van Helsing to do it. So as we prepare for the return of Van Helsing tomorrow at 10/9c, we'd like to take the time to tip our hats to Lady V, a hero who slays like no other.

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Her mother-love game is strong

A Shining Light

There's something to be said for packed lunches, bedtime stories and having our boo-boos kissed (thanks, mom!). Still, nothing compares to the devotion of a mom like Vanessa, who relentlessly battles vampires for her daughter's soul. When Dylan turned and started having the world's worst teen tantrums, Vanessa took it on the chin and refused to give up on her baby girl. Now that's love!

In the clip above, to thank her mom for all she's done, the ghost of Dylan (all grown up and no longer snarky) returns to give Vanessa a much needed pep talk.

Despite her losses, she's still a winner


Throughout the last three seasons, Vanessa has lost her sister, her best friend, her daughter and her mother (again). If this were anyone else, they'd be emotionally down for the count but since she's a Van Helsing, Vanessa has shown us time and time again that it's possible to pick yourself back up (even when you don't f'ing feel like it) and slay again and again and again.

She woke up like this


No, really, she did. Before the Rising, Vanessa was a struggling single mom. Then, after a vampire attack, she went into a coma. Then? She woke up and started living up to her family's name by kicking vampire butt like she'd been doing it all along. Need a refresher on everything that went down in Season 1? Get it here!

She's a history buff

Pupils and Masters

When she's not slaying Daywalkers, Vanessa moonlights as a scholar, absorbing all there is to know about her family's complicated history. Relics, Dark Ones and totems are A LOT to keep track of, but Vanessa makes it looks effortless.

Here, she transported back to the 19th century like it was no big deal to learn how to fight her familie's oldest enemy - the B'ah.

She's humanity's last hope!

Van Helsing Season 4 Trailer

Vanessa vs. The Dark Side If we were betting people— and we are— we'd put our money on Vanessa. In a post-Rising world, where Sam's on the loose and Dracula is the new big Bad in town, we need a hero who was born ready— enter Vanessa Van Helsing. Get a glimpse at how Vanessa will hold her own next Season.

See all-new episodes of Van Helsing starting tomorrow at 10/9c!