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Episode Recap: Breakdown


While Pete and Myka work on reports, Artie leaves to make a mysterious delivery. Claudia's at the Warehouse, busy with a list of chores - until "she" loses her balance repairing the Zipline. Arriving at the Warehouse, Pete and Myka are welcomed by an alarm. Artie's computer explains: Neutralizer Dispersal System - OFFLINE. Claudia's slip has wreaked havoc in the Neutralizer Processing Center, which Claudia dubs "the Gooery." A can of sticky string that fell through the grate has gummed up the gears. The trio, find themselves stuck in a bizarro version of Leena's B&B in the middle of the Warehouse.

Meanwhile, Artie makes his "delivery" and is invited to a surprise meeting with Mrs. Frederic. While they enjoy pie in an old-school diner, Mrs. Frederic casually asks him how things are at the Warehouse. Where is this going? Their waitress and other diners are behaving strangely, and when a gentleman by the name of Benedict Valda questions Artie, it finally dawns on him that he's in the midst of the Regents. They want to know about Artie and his former partner, MacPherson.

At the Warehouse, it occurs to Pete, Myka and Claudia that there may have been an unmovable artifact in the original B&B, resulting in the entire building being stored. Looking for anything that's different from their version, they settle on a painting of the B&B's interior. After some experimentation, they tear the painting, and a large tear in the wall of the B&B appears. They crawl out to find themselves in the Warehouse aisles under a dark cloud full of lightning.

Claudia checks the backup terminal, confirming that the Gooery has been offline since the Zipline snapped. Pete suggests a shortcut through the Dark Vault, but when Claudia and Myka exit, they turn to look for Pete and see him standing at an artifact, immobile. Now what? Myka sends Claudia to get the Gooery back on line while she deals with Pete, finally knocking him back into the safety zone with a broom. In the Gooery Claudia removes the gob of Sticky String stuck in the cog and the gears begin to turn again, reeling her in!

Back at the diner, Artie stands his ground with the Regents, questioning why they're tying his hands in finding MacPherson. If Artie's going to take MacPherson, he has to be unpredictable. Realizing the Regents are afraid of MacPherson, Artie offers options: "Fire me, kill me, or let me get to work - but make a decision." Mrs. Frederic joins Artie outside the diner shortly after his dramatic performance. The Regents want him to stay. Wishing him good hunting, she also asks him to try not to get killed.

Also trying not to get killed, Claudia is struggling to free herself when Myka gets to the Gooery. But in trying to help, Myka gets stuck, too. With Critical Mass one minute away, Pete runs in. Taking Claudia's snowglobe from her tool belt, he freezes the Sticky String, which he then shatters with a hammer, freeing Myka and Claudia! The Gooery revs up to full speed, and the emergency is abated. Artie arrives back at the Warehouse just as the last of the mess is cleaned up. The trio heads out, but Artie stays behind. Sitting at his computer, he pulls up a file on MacPherson and calls after them: "Rest up; you're going to need it."