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Episode Recap: Elements


Manhattan is bustling, oblivious to a Native American sacred chamber below. When a figure wearing a mystical buckskin coat walks effortlessly through the steel wall of an auction house vault and steals an abstract sculpture Artie, Pete and Myka are on the case.

Pete meets collector Gilbert Radburn at the Radburn Plaza construction site. In the vault, Myka finds a large feather sticking out of the solid steel wall. With a purple-gloved hand, Pete grasps the feather, sliding it effortlessly from the wall...and after taking it in his bare hand, he is able to pass his hand through the wall!

Suspecting the feather might only be a piece of the whole artifact, they show it to Artie, who concurs. Time to pay a visit to another collector: Jeffrey Weaver. Asked if he's missing a feather, Weaver reacts with shock, placing a call that brings a suspicious construction worker from Radburn's site into the room. Weaver admits Lacell works for both him and Radburn, and begs the team to let him get the sculpture to a secure location.

While transporting Weaver's sculpture, Pete finds himself in a battle with the figure in the buckskin coat, during which he's hurled through the side of the moving truck. Weaver, worried Radburn now has all four sculptures, has Lacell search his office while Weaver keeps the Secret Service busy. That doesn't prove too hard, as Myka joins him for dinner while Pete rests in the hospital.

At the Warehouse, Claudia is anxious for her brother to do something with his life. Continuing to investigate the mystery in New York, Artie and Leena discover a Lenape Indian legend tied to the four elements. If the individual in possession of the coat also acquired the other elements, it would give them immense power over the world. They reach Pete on the Farnsworth: Recuperate later and toss Weaver's apartment NOW! A hidden room reveals Weaver's secrets, and Pete calls Myka on her cell to tell her Weaver is into this up to his eyeballs.

Across town, Lacell is brought into Radburn's office. The sculptor was Lacell's uncle, and Radburn hired him hoping he'd lead to the cave. Lacell insists he doesn't know anything, and Radburn, frustrated, pushes Lacell into a wall, killing him. It's then when Radburn notices the sculptures' shadow pattern created by the rising sun; a map that points to the hidden burial site of the four artifacts.

Weaver has convinced Pete and Myka of his desire to protect the Lenape treasures from Radburn, but they have no idea where the sacred cave might be. Meanwhile, Claudia stops by the warehouse to bid farewell to Artie. She notices his dilemma (where's the cave?) and with little effort solves his problem with a simple suggestion.

At the Radburn Plaza construction site, Radburn is already disrupting the elements by the time Pete, Myka and Weaver get to him. Radburn focuses forces of nature at the group, determined to kill them, but Pete, thinking fast, grabs an ancient arrow and impales Radburn. Wind whips through the cave as fire and water engulf Radburn, transforming him granite.

A few days later, safely back at the Warehouse, Pete teases Myka about her new squeeze. Claudia returns, too - Vegas was too easy. She needs a challenge, and it's the Warehouse and its motley crew, for now at least.